Top 10 leading AI companies in EMEA

With AI companies continuing to collaborate across industries to ensure digital growth, AI Magazine considers some within EMEA harnessing its potential

From healthcare solutions, to improving workplace efficiency, AI companies are working with a wide range of businesses to ensure plenty of digital growth and transformation. 

Recent surveys have detailed how CEOs across Europe have shown that AI is ultimately being embraced as a “force for good,” but concerns over unknown consequences still remain. It highlights how businesses are continuing to see how AI works to support human workforces by bringing value to current processes and improving efficiency.

Cyber Magazine considers some of the leading companies in AI within EMEA that are able to offer new innovative solutions to improve processes and stay ahead of the curve.

10: Speechmatics

Speechmatics is a technology company based in the UK that develops automatic speech recognition software based on recurrent neural networks and statistical language modelling. Its AI-driven speech technology powers transcription and translation in more than 45 languages. 

The company offers speech API for solution and service providers to integrate into their business regardless of their use case. Its Autonomous Speech Recognition software was a major breakthrough in the industry and resulted in the company outperforming tech giants like Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Apple in tackling AI bias by introducing self-supervised learning into its model training.

9: Shift Technology

Shift Technology works to deliver AI solutions to benefit the global insurance industry and its customers. It states that its products enable insurers to automate and therefore optimise decisions that result in improved customer experiences, increased operational efficiency and reduced costs. 

With US$320m in funding raised as of May 2021, the company was founded on the belief that AI has the potential to unlock the future of insurance, solve difficult challenges, and empower insurers to see more, do more, and be more for their customers.

9: Graphcore

Graphcore develops Intelligence Process Unit (IPU) chips to accelerate machine learning applications. The processors are designed specifically for AI applications and enable AI researchers to run current machine learning model orders more efficiently.

According to the company, the IPU is a completely new processor and is specifically designed for AI compute. The IPU’s unique architecture allows AI researchers to undertake entirely new types of work, not possible using current technologies, to drive the next advances in machine intelligence and digital transformation.

8: Onfido

Onfido aims to make digital identity simple for its customers by powering open and secure relationships between businesses and their customers worldwide. Founded in 2012 as a start-up business, the company has verified millions of identities so that people can access essential services, all in the effort to prevent identity fraud and keep businesses secure.

Its AI-powered solutions are built with fairness and inclusiveness at their core, with its Verification Suite consisting of a comprehensive library of document and biometric solutions, data verification and fraud detection signals.

7: DeepL

DeepL Translator is a neural machine translation service that launched in August 2017 and is owned by Cologne-based DeepL SE. Like most translation systems, DeepL Translator translates texts using artificial neural networks. These networks are trained on many millions of translated texts and its services have now extended to provide translations for 31 countries.

The company places emphasis on the targeted acquisition of special training data that helps its network to achieve higher translation quality. In particular, it has developed special crawlers that automatically find translations on the internet and assess their quality.

6: Owkin

Owkin is an AI biotech that uses AI to unlock complex biology to find the right treatment for every patient. The company integrates human and AI workforces to deliver better drugs and diagnostics at scale, with its technology platform Abstra (currently under construction) aiming to better enhance AI biomedical research.

By understanding complex biology through AI systems, Owkin works to identify new treatments, de-risk and accelerate clinical trials and build diagnostic tools to reduce time to impact for patients. It also works with leading academic centres to generate deep, multimodal data that is ready for AI.

5: SS&C Blue Prism

SS&C Blue Prism develops industry robotic process automation (RPA) software to enable businesses to automate complicated, end-to-end procedures. Founded in 2001, its leading enterprise intelligent automation technology works to empower customers to reimagine how work gets done with a secure and scalable intelligent digital workforce.

The company provides digital solutions for a wide range of industries, including telecommunications, which saw its work with Telefónica significantly reduce call handling time with digital workers. Telefónica used Blue Prism to create a front-to-back-office solution that uses machine learning and integrations with more than 30 technologies.

4: Dataiku

Dataiku is working to pioneer “everyday AI” within businesses and help them use data to make better decisions and drive business value on a daily basis. The company was founded on the principle that companies must continue to innovate to stay ahead of the curve of digital transformation.

Since 2013, Dataiku has been a leading company in democratising data and empowering organisation-wide collaboration. It prides itself on having a good relationship with its customers because it is able to understand and address the complexities of the organisations that it works with in systemising the use of data and AI.

3: Darktrace

Darktrace’s Cyber AI Research Centre comprises of around 200 R&D employees, including experts in disciplines from astrophysics to linguistics to data science. With more than 145 patents and patents pending, its researchers are free to experiment and explore guided by creative insight from their research. It ultimately operates with a common goal of solving AI challenges.

From a cybersecurity standpoint, the company uses AI to interrupt in-progress cyberattacks - which includes ransomware and phishing - and threats to critical services. With powerful self-learning AI services, Darktrace’s systems are able to fully learn an organisation and enable it to effectively deal with and even prevent sophisticated data hacks.

2: UiPath

The AI-powered UiPath Business Automation Platform combines leading robotic process automation (RPA) with a full suite of capabilities to understand, automate and operate end-to-end processes. It works to build end-to-end infrastructure that transforms how organisations work, by deploying and managing AI-powered automation across enterprise.

The company works via a ‘automation for good’ strategy, as it aims to leverage automation to solve global challenges and equip people and businesses with the skills needed to succeed. It also allows customers to manage all of their automation opportunities with full transparency and control whilst providing the governance, security, scalability and performance that enterprises require.

1: Google DeepMind

Google DeepMind is an Alphabet subsidiary focusing on AI, machine learning (AI/ML) and neuroscience research. Since being founded in 2010, the company has been quick to enact huge digital transformation with the use of machine learning to solve problems that computers haven’t traditionally been able to tackle.

The company has achieved many scientific breakthroughs with AI, with the most significant in 2023 being AlphaFold which works to predict protein structures within the healthcare industry. AlphaFold has effectively changed the way that this type of science operates, as researchers can analyse data in a much shorter space of time and hopefully tackle diseases. 

The company website also has a blog to share ideas and latest research on this and a wide range of other topics, including competitive programming and interactive video games for readers to learn more.


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