10 Ways AI Can Used in Homes

We take a look at 10 way AI Technology is being used in the household

AI technology is already being used in devices around the home, such as voice controlled assistants, and monitoring devices. Normal household appliances are being innovated using AI technology to make our lives easier and in some cases save us money. Here we take a look at 10 different household devices that use AI. 

10. Home Robot 


These Robots are small AI Robots that are created to entertain children and patrol the home. The robots use AI technology to recognise objects as people as well as carrying out tasks. Home robots have to monitor the temperature, take photos, read books, play music and create lists. The robots are mainly purchased to assist with children due to the games that they offer. 

9. Security Cameras


Security cameras that use AI technology differ from the normal cameras because of their facial recognition. This is a useful innovation in security as it allows homeowners to see who has broken into their home as well as knowing when. The cameras are not only used to detect burglars but also when parcels arrive and family members are home. 

8. AI Television


Television can use AI to replace a remote controller, some new televisions have virtual assistant technology similar to home devices. With this innovation users are able to voice control their television, eliminating the need for a remote control. This type of innovation makes the consumer's experience easier and saves them time when using the television.

7. Smart Home Devices 


These home devices use AI techniques to respond to questions, complete tasks, and interact with humans. The most popular home device is the Echo dot created by amazon, these devices can be partnered with lights, thermostats and speakers, which are then voice controlled through voice recognition. Smart home devices are also used as a replacement to using other internet devices, allowing homeowners to search without taking out their smartphone.

6. Smart Locks


The smart lock is a new innovation in the security industry. This unlike the standard house lock is connected to a smartphone, using AI technology the lock is able to detect when the lock is tampered with. Using the application users can grant or take away access to the digital key, unlike the standard house key this can not be stolen or copied. 

5. Smart Thermostat and Metre  


These AI systems help customers break down and analyse their energy and gas consumption. This reduces the amount of wasted energy which saves customers money as well as helping the environment. Some of these energy metres have the ability to assess where the best location for a solar panel is. 

4. Robot Vacuum Cleaners


Robot Vacuum hoovers use AI to power technological advances. These devices can be programmed to complete their cleaning tasks and navigation routes around the home. The Vacuum Cleaners need little to no assistance and some brands are capable of emptying themselves. 

3. AI Cooking


Smart appliances are already making their way into household kitchens. These new AI appliances are mainly being used to create food and drinks at certain times, such as coffee machines. Some AI Smart Fridges have the technology to tell whether or not food is safe to eat, as well as having the ability to suggest recipes depending on the food in the fridge. Robotic food arms are being used to assist with meal preparation and can help people with disabilities. 

2. Fitness Mirror


Mirrors using AI Technology are able to monitor users' health in real time, health care professionals can access these and use the data to assess patient's risk of injury or disease. This type of technology could help take the pressure off hospitals and doctors while allowing them to monitor people more closely. These mirrors are also extremely helpful for fitness purposes, they are able to capture exercise and movement to give personalised feedback and suggestions.

1. Virtual Reality 


Virtual reality gaming is becoming increasingly popular in the household, these games are typically played through a headset. This technology uses AI software to simulate real or fantasy environments. Virtual reality technology is not only used for gaming but also for education purposes.  



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