Top 10 companies using AI and ML in manufacturing processes

The top 10 companies utilising AI and ML technology for manufacturing processes to improve efficiency, safety and some other cool stuff

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is starting to be implemented in almost every aspect of everyday life and is becoming increasingly important in industry operations. 

As the world continues to digitally transform, AI is evolving and becoming a key driver in digitalisation. With the ability to automate what would otherwise be a costly process, AI can be a game-changer at all levels of the value chain - this is particularly significant in the manufacturing industry.

Here we take a look at the top companies developing AI technology to improve safety, reduce cost and drive efficiencies in the manufacturing industry.

10: Advanced Micro Devices

Semiconductor company, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), specialises in manufacturing semiconductor devices used in computer processing. The company offers microprocessors, embedded microprocessors, chipsets, graphics, and video and multimedia products. AMD has a strong distribution network and presence across Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa. Its technology, which accelerates AI adoption and automation, serves original equipment and design manufacturers, datacentres, original design manufacturers, system integrators, distributors, and add-in-board manufacturers.

09: General Electric

General Electric (GE), a technology and financial services company, offers services including aircraft engines, power generation, water processing, medical imaging and industrial products. Diversifying into various segments such as power, renewable energy and healthcare, the company offers innovative solutions to transform each sector. With its Predix Operations Performance Management solution, manufacturers can increase revenue and margins by optimising the performance and throughput of their plants, sites, and portfolio. The technology both manages processes and predicts areas for improvement at the process level to reduce waste and cost while increasing yield and efficiency.

08: Rockwell Automation

Manufacturers of industrial automation and information solutions, Rockwell Automation, serves around 80 countries worldwide and provides solutions for smart manufacturing. With its smart devices, machines and systems, Rockwell Automation optimises production and quality as well as safety. The company’s smart devices provide insights from the plant floor, the smart machines optimise productivity while the smart systems improve quality on top of providing insights to make enterprises more profitable. 

07: Hewlett Packard Enterprise

With its AI solutions, Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) enables its customers to unlock the value of data with flexible AI solutions that provide scalability, performance and cost controls. HPE AI is data-driven, production-orientated, and cloud-enabled so that it is available anytime, anywhere, and at scale. With advanced technologies like AI, deep learning, simulation and sensor fusion, HPE helps manufacturers make intelligent, self-reliant vehicles that think and perform like human drivers.

06: Siemens AG

Siemens AG, manufacturers of power and energy solutions, serve a number of industries including healthcare, mobility and finance. The company provides a number of industry-specific solutions and its AI-based analysis enables predictive maintenance, provides the basis for reducing downtimes and assures a high level of quality through early anomaly/error detection during the ongoing production process. Adding to this, Siemens offers AI technology for design and for customer experience.

05: Nvidia

As well as designing graphics processing units (GPUs) for the gaming and professional markets, Nvidia also develops a system on chip units (SoCs) for the mobile computing and manufacturing markets. The company provides parallel processing capabilities to researchers and scientists that allow them to efficiently run high-performance applications. With its technology, BMW redefined its factory logistics using Nvidia’s Isaac Robotics Platform, a toolkit that includes building blocks and tools that accelerate robot developments that require the increased perception and navigation features enabled by AI.

04: Intel

With a broad choice of smart solutions, Intel aims to enable everyone to infuse AI into their applications. With solutions designed for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Intel’s solutions use AI and robotics to help improve product quality and factory operational efficiency in real-time. Intel provides secure and scalable building blocks for IIoT solutions that bring intelligence to operating assets and reveal insights from data. With its technology, the company enables its customers to deploy robotics and automation, improve predictive maintenance, and get help detecting defects before they affect product quality.

03: Microsoft

Leading technology provider, Microsoft, provides a number of AI-powered solutions for the manufacturing industry including its Intelligent Supply Chain Solutions, Connected Field Service Solutions, Azure IoT Connected Factory and PTC ThingWorx. By offering Microsoft Cloud for manufacturing, Microsoft aims to create a more resilient and sustainable future through open standards and ecosystems​. The technology enables manufacturers to build a  productive, smart factory of the future with IIoT, cloud, AI and mixed reality.

02: IBM

IBM with its pioneering AI technology, IBM Watson offers a portfolio of business-ready tools, applications, and solutions to allow users to reduce costs and hurdles of AI adoption while optimising outcomes and responsible AI. With its integrated approach, IBM enables manufacturers to accelerate digital transformation by applying AI, hybrid cloud and automation to achieve new levels of agility, efficiency, quality and sustainability. IBM works with customers to co-create a roadmap to a custom solution with a focus on leveraging existing OT investments, improving key metrics and digital tools.

01: AWS

For more than 25 years, Amazon has designed and manufactured smart products and distributed billions of products through its globally connected distribution network using cutting edge automation, machine learning and AI, and robotics, with AWS at its core. The company helps leading manufacturers transform their manufacturing operations with the most comprehensive and advanced set of cloud solutions available while taking advantage of the highest level of security. AWS allows clients to focus resources on optimising production, creating new smart-product business opportunities and improving operational efficiencies across the value chain.


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