Machine Learning Articles

TruEra: Helping machines and humans to make better decisions

We take a look at how TruEra is helping companies use machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to its full potential


Dario Gil: AI specialist and Director of IBM Research

AI Magazine takes a look at how IBM’s Senior Vice President and Director of Research, Dario Gil has contributed to the AI industry with his expertise


TestFit’s US$20mn in funding to improve customer outcomes

AI-powered real estate company, TestFit, has announced US$20mn in funding so the company can improve outcomes for its customers and other investments

Zefr bolsters misinformation technology with

Zefr has acquired to help bolster its technology for identifying misinformation on social media platforms


Optimising workflows with ServiceNow and Celonis

ServiceNow’s Seb Fitzjohn and Celonis’ Rob Popovic discuss the partnership between the two companies and how the pair will optimise workflows


Automation Anywhere: empowering companies with cloud RPA

We take a look at Automation Anywhere, the cloud robotic process automation (RPA) digitalising and automating processes with one integrated platform


Park Place Technologies and the role of automation in Europe

Ian Shearer, Managing Director, APAC & EMEA, Park Place Technologies discusses the company, data and the role of automation in Europe

How model-based AI counteracts the “black box” problem

A powerful computational tool, AI allows us to analyse and correlate vast data and provides the means to make infinitely smarter, faster decisions