Machine Learning Articles


Dr Joy Buolamwini: Helping Tech Giants Recognise AI Biases

With a longstanding commitment to AI ethics, Dr Joy Buolamwini continues to hold AI developers accountable as they work to tackle machine learning biases


What Google’s Gemini Rebrand Means for its AI Expansions

Google rolls out a rebranding strategy that sees its Bard chatbot renamed to Gemini, introducing a competitive subscription service to enhance AI offerings


Google and Hugging Face Partner to Make Gen AI Accessible

Both Google and Hugging Face Are Undergoing a Strategic Partnership to Democratise Access to Open Gen AI so Businesses Can Build Their Own AI Models


Meta’s Llama 3: Developing Artificial General Intelligence

Meta Starts Training Llama 3, Announcing it is Joining the Race to Build Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), a Currently Hypothetical Human-Level AI


Anthropic: AI Models Can Be Trained to Give Fake Information

An Anthropic Study Reveals That AI Models Can Be Trained to Be Deceptive, Posing Increased Security Risks and Cybersecurity Threats That Are Hard to Detect

An AGI Revolution: Balancing Progress with Public Concern

Debates over artificial general intelligence (AGI) continue, with a YouGov survey suggesting that people would prefer AI less intelligent than themselves

ChatGPT-Powered Vehicles: What are the Security Risks?

We consider the benefits and risks of Volkswagen’s plans to integrate ChatGPT into cars in 2024, enabling the driver to have conversational experiences

Deloitte introduces PairD AI Chatbot for its Workforce

Deloitte has released its own chatbot for its workforce across the UK, Europe and Middle East called PairD, designed to help improve workplace efficiencies