Machine Learning Articles

Five fastest-growing AI roles of 2023

In recent years, the dramatic acceleration of AI has revolutionised how businesses operate, and in turn, created a vast number of new job opportunities

Venafi Athena leverages generative AI for machine identities

Venafi’s new AI innovation aims to control plane and deliver intelligent machine identity management solutions and simplify processes for security teams

MediaTek leverages Llama 2 & solidifies gen AI expertise

Global semiconductor company MediaTek is working to enhance its AI capabilities and will be leveraging Meta’s Llama 2 to improve its generative AI services

ChatGPT Enterprise: Business transformation elevated with AI

OpenAI's release of ChatGPT Enterprise aims to help company digital transformation - but will this cause greater incentive for businesses to invest in AI?

Couchbase adds generative AI to its Capella service

In efforts to advance developer productivity, Couchbase announces the addition of generative AI to Capella database-as-a-service to build AI systems faster


VMware and NVIDIA AI Foundation unlocks business potential

VMware and NVIDIA have partnered in a private AI foundation with a wide range of offerings, to aid businesses to better adopt and customise AI models

5 Minutes With: Tytus Kurek, Product Manager at Canonical

Tytus Kurek, Product Manager at Canonical, discusses the future of hybrid cloud and the shortcomings of ChatGPT in the context of cloud computing trends

IBM Consulting & Microsoft collaborate for genAI adoption

IBM Consulting and Microsoft have collaborated to help companies accelerate their adoption of generative AI services