Machine Learning Articles


Five minutes with: Jasmeet Singh, EVP at Infosys

From IoT to AR, Jasmeet Singh speaks to AI Magazine about the fundamental shifts underway in the manufacturing industry thanks to metaverse technologies


Machine learning critical for trade surveillance, say banks

Research reveals increased regulatory requirements are driving investment in trade surveillance, with machine learning of critical interest to most banks


To infinity and beyond for AI agents taking the long view

A new AI system can teach a group of agents to find an optimal long-term solution, an approach that could lead to developments including self-driving cars


How cognitive computing streamlines business processes

Helping people make better decisions, cognitive computing has the potential to reshape how work gets done and how businesses grow


AI and machine learning have lessons for customer experience

Artificial intelligence and machine learning will be used by the world’s biggest businesses to build brand loyalty and fresh revenue, says new research

Business analysis: from naive to evidence-based

Daoud Abdel Hadi from Eastnets discusses how AI can bring peace of mind to financial institutions by adding context to the business analysis process


AI becomes curiouser and curiouser, but not too curious

AI trained on Mario Kart and other video games using a new algorithm to optimise curiosity is a step towards making AI agents as smart as kids, say experts


Neural networks and AI join battle in 5G IIoT cyber attacks

A multinational team of researchers has developed a 5G-enabled deep learning approach for classifying malware attacks on the Industrial Internet of Things