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NVIDIA GTC: New AI Chip Could Revolutionise Businesses

We examine some of the leading AI announcements from NVIDIA at GTC, including its new B200 chip and notable partnerships with leading tech companies


Chinese AI Market Thrives Despite Chip Restrictions

Chinese AI and semiconductor markets are booming, with continued investments into research and development and government commitments to continued growth

Event Breakdown: Technology & AI Events to Attend in 2024

Connecting the world’s technology and AI leaders, Tech & AI LIVE returns in 2024, find out more on what’s to come in 2024

Lloyd's: How Gen AI is Reshaping the Cyber Threat Landscape

With the power of Gen AI continuing to impact key industries, a new Lloyd’s report argues that the technology is creating new cybersecurity challenges


NetApp: A Quest to Unleash the Power of Sustainable AI

With insights from NetApp's Paul van der Lingen, we explore how the company is seeking to capitalise on AI technology in order to maximise innovation


Apple to Cancel Long-Term EV Project in Favour of AI

According to multiple reports, tech giant Apple is phasing out its self-driving electric car project to refocus efforts on the AI division of its business

Contextualising MWC Announcements: Gartner’s Statistics

Gartner delivers insightful market figures around 5G, AI & cybersecurity to contextualise and demystify the technology news coming from MWC Barcelona 2024


MWC Barcelona 2024: The Power of AI in the Telco Industry

Mobile Magazine is live at MWC Barcelona 2024 this week! Discover some of the leading trends and businesses that are digitally transforming the industry