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Security chiefs look for resilience following cyberattacks

Cybersecurity resilience has emerged as a top priority, as 62 per cent of organisations say they have experienced a security event that impacted business


Samsung teams up with NAVER for hyperscale AI semiconductors

The two companies intend to combine semiconductor design with proven AI capabilities to maximise the speed and power efficiency of large-scale AI models


Now we’re talking: How humans have learned to love chatbots

We’ve come a long way since the Turing Test. Conversational artificial intelligence – now worth billions – is a great deal more than a simple talking point


ICYMI: Visual search engine future and OpenAI’s new ChatGPT

A week is a long time in artificial intelligence, so here’s a round-up of the AI Magazine articles that have been starting conversations around the world


Good Things: Will wearables transform care in the community?

The Internet of Things is helping tech-savvy patients care for themselves with remote devices at home. But cyber security pros have headaches to handle


AI tools of the trade to help design faster, cheaper chips

Artificial intelligence tech is going to be used to push the boundaries of Moore's Law in a hyperconnected world, according to a new report from Deloitte

Cognigy: Developing innovative Conversational AI solutions

Powering up contact centres with its Conversational AI capabilities, Cognigy is working with UiPath to develop innovative solutions for transforming CX


Americans face up to an explosion of recognition technology

A new report claims more than 131 million Americans use facial recognition daily, with nearly half using it to access three applications or more each day