Flight Centre Travel Group launch ‘AI Centre of Excellence’

The travel company seeks to harness AI to its full potential via a centre for excellence, hoping to improve customer service and boost productivity

Flight Centre Travel Group (FCTG) has announced the launch of an AI Centre of Excellence that aims to focus on promoting, adopting and integrating AI technologies into the company’s corporate divisions.

The global travel management company will work to harness AI to revolutionise its business travel divisions, Corporate Traveler and FCM. Ultimately, the aim is to enrich customer experiences, boosting employee productivity, along with other benefits.

Led by Adrian Lopez, the company’s new Head of AI for Corporate, the dedicated team will lay out the shared corporate vision for AI within the organisation.

Revolutionising the use of AI across the travel sector

FCTG is one of the world’s largest travel retailers and corporate travel managers. Headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, the company has company-owned leisure and corporate travel business in countries including Australia, New Zealand, the Americas, Europe and the UK, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates and across Asia.

As part of the company’s new AI strategies, Adrian Lopez and his team will set the overall AI strategy for FCTG’s corporate brands and ensure the company is maximising the potential around generative AI. They will do this in addition to ensuring that the AI is simultaneously responsible and in alignment with its business objectives

The specialised team will work to implement best practices and provide research and support and training around AI, with a focus on improving efficiency and driving value to new and existing clients. Furthermore, they will find ways to integrate the technology into existing Corporate Traveler and FCM operations.

“In today’s ever-changing digital world, we recognise the tremendous potential with AI and ways it can transform our work,” said John Morhous, Global Chief Experience Officer of FCTG’s Corporate Brands. “As we continue to evolve and grow as a business, we’re thrilled for the opportunity to open this new ‘AI Center of Excellence,’ as well as appoint Adrian into this new leadership role. 

“With his expertise, deep insights, and proven track record in technology innovation, Adrian will be integral to our success in this space, both today and in the years ahead.”

Strengthening the relationship between the human workforce and AI applications

With continued rapid advancements in AI, the travel industry is starting to understand the benefits that the technology could offer their business development. More travel businesses are seeking to discover how AI can improve existing processes and open up new possibilities in travel. AI could work to improve accessibility within the travel sector by tailoring customer experience to suit individual needs which could continue to grow the industry as a whole.

With the AI Centre of Excellence, FCTG is further aiming to strengthen the relationship between the human workforce and AI. The company believes that the automation and machine learning opportunities that AI can offer will hopefully complement the natural intuition of the human mind. With this in mind, FCTG will work to leverage AI to enhance productivity and improve workflow optimisation, allowing its teams to focus on priority initiatives and more creative-driven projects.

“I’m beyond excited for this next chapter in my career with FCTG and to further push the boundaries of technology in travel,” says Lopez. “The disruptive benefits of AI will enable us to work more efficiently, identify new ways to service our clients, and reach the next generation of business travellers. The launch of the ‘AI Center of Excellence’ is another significant step and milestone to add to the company’s already decorated history of innovation.”


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