New Vectra AI platform: Hybrid attack detection & response

Vectra AI has introduced an AI platform with insights and automated analysis that aims to offer real-time attack intelligence and combat hybrid attacks

Vectra AI has announced the Vectra AI Platform which is designed to help organisations set up extended detection and response (XDR) models.

This aims to integrate security alerts from Vectra AI’s public cloud, identity, SaaS and network solutions with alerts from an organisation’s existing tools.

The company has said that the platform will let security analysts harness AI to analyse the behaviour of cyber criminals and automatically prioritise security resilience as a result. Ultimately, the hope is that this platform will improve individual and business resilience against cyber attacks that have become increasingly sophisticated.

Threat detection as a responsible AI use case

Organisations and government bodies are now consistently championing ‘AI for good’ as more businesses seek to develop ethical and responsible AI programs. Most recently, The Frontier Model Forum was formed to help advance research into AI safety and share knowledge with policymakers and academics to advance responsible AI development.

As a company, Vectra AI consistently aims to offer AI-driven threat detection and response for cloud, data centres, IoT and enterprises. Founded in 2010, the company exists solely to implement AI in cybersecurity software. 

Key features of the Vectra AI Platform include leveraging large language models (LLMs) to provide analysts with a more simple way to gather context of an attack.

In a post COVID-19 world, more companies have shifted to hybrid or remote working platforms within multi-cloud environments. Therefore, threat detection and response has needed to become more complex to keep up with bad actors.

AI to assist businesses improve their hybrid work environments

Vectra AI has stated that the Vectra AI Platform will enable security teams to move at the speed of modern hybrid attackers to identify behaviour that other tools cannot. Vectra AI Attack Signal Intelligence harnesses patented AI to automate threat detection, triage, and prioritisation across hybrid cloud domains. 

It aims to do this by zeroing in on attacker behaviour and learning the unique environment of the customer to better distinguish between malicious and benign events to eliminate 80% of alert noise.

In addition, the platform will better prioritise entities across domains based on urgency and save analysts more than three hours per day of alert triage, according to Vectra AI. It is the hope that security teams will be able to accelerate investigation and response workflows with more sophisticated investigations that all security analysts can work with.

This all-abilities approach could serve cyber workplaces well, given an ever-increasing skills gap within the cybersecurity sector. 

“The current approach to threat detection and response is fundamentally broken, as more organisations shift to hybrid environments and security teams continue to face increasing cloud complexity, alert fatigue, and analyst burnout,” said Hitesh Sheth, president and CEO of Vectra AI. 

“As the pioneer of AI-driven threat detection and response, our best-in-class platform delivers the most accurate integrated signal across the hybrid Enterprise to make XDR a reality at speed and scale.”


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