AI is a Catalyst for Telco Transformation at DTW Ignite 2024

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At DTW Ignite 2024 in Copenhagen, AI Magazine speaks exclusively with industry leaders about how AI can be leveraged by the telco industry to fuel progress

AI Magazine was live in Copenhagen at DTW Ignite 2024 as a media partner, showcasing a shift towards an AI-Native era within the telecom industry.

As one of the largest telecom events in 2024, DTW24's theme was Leading the Way to an AI-Native Telco. The conference fulfilled its promise as a pivotal event, with companies across the sector eager to future-proof their operations using the power of AI.

Held by TM Forum, a global alliance of telco and tech companies, DTW24 gathered CTOs, CIOs, CEOs and industry experts to devise strategies for addressing telecom's key challenges and to share insights to spark collaboration opportunities.

AI continues to make its mark within the telco space

AI is fundamentally reshaping the telco landscape. With this in mind, AI Magazine examined how AI drives innovation, optimises telco operations and fosters growth.

We gathered insights from leaders at companies such as CloudSense, BT Group, Tech Mahindra, Celfocus and Nokia about the excitement AI is affording the industry and how businesses can better harness the technology for growth.

Some of the ways in which AI is transforming telecoms includes AI-driven network automation, predictive maintenance, improved efficiency and reduced downtime for organisations. Likewise, the technology can help telcos enhance customer interactions through personalised services and improved support systems.

Join us at AI Magazine as we share exclusive interviews and executive insights into how technology is being used to disrupt the telco space.

TM Forum has also announced the winners of its 2024 Excellence Awards. To view these click HERE.


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