atNorth: Sustainable AI-Ready Infrastructure in the Nordics

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CEO Magnús Kristinsson on how atNorth is Leading Sustainable AI-Ready Infrastructure in the Nordics

Following a varied career starting in sales before moving up into managerial roles across the IT industry, Eyjólfur Magnús Kristinsson is now at the helm of atNorth, a pan-Nordic colocation, high-performance computing and artificial intelligence service provider, which soon will be present in all Nordic nations. 

Since atNorth’s inception in 2009, the company has been laser-focused on sustainability and has built its service offerings on the foundation that it operates in locations with access to renewable energy and where extremely high levels of energy efficiency can be achieved. For example, all its new data centres are built to reuse heat. 

“If you ask someone that doesn't know the data centre industry what they know about it, normally the feedback that you get is that it is something slow, boring and not a lot happens, that it lacks excitement. But when you work in the industry it's the exact opposite. What I love is the speed at which it's moving.

“Obviously that also includes all the great customers the industry caters for, but I think the importance of the data centre industry is how almost with all technologies that we are working with today in the data industry we can be extremely impactful in terms of sustainability.”

One of those growing technologies, unsurprisingly, is AI. For this reason, atNorth is extremely well focused on executing on its strategy to build a pan-Nordic deep data centre platform. Operating in Iceland, Sweden, and Finland, as well as working on a new facility in Denmark, atNorth anticipates that in the near future it can announce its footprint expansion to the last remaining unconquered Nordic country of Norway.

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