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Top 10 EV companies making use of AI

AI-powered self-driving cars and a company on a mission to create future generations of advanced robots. This is not the EV industry we expected


Top 10 leaders innovating in the AI space

Often, when a fantastical AI innovation comes into play, we tend to focus on the company itself; here, we look at the Top 10 experts driving the companies


Top 10 companies developing technology for the metaverse

The concept of the metaverse is becoming increasingly popular amongst technologists, here we look at the top companies developing metaverse tech


Top 10 applications for AI in the sports industry

AI in sports is becoming more prevalent as it elevates the industry for both players and viewers, here we look at 10 applications of AI in sports


Top 10 ways AI is improving the healthcare industry

As AI continues to disrupt the way the healthcare industry operates AI Magazine looks at the top 10 ways AI can be applied in the industry


Top 10 humanoid robots

Designed to resemble the human body and support different businesses and people, humanoid robots are being developed by many companies


Top 10 female-founded AI companies

The technology industry still strives for more gender equality. Here, AI Magazine celebrates women in AI by looking at the top female-founded companies


Top 10 companies developing autonomous vehicle technology

To learn more about the autonomous vehicle industry, AI Magazine takes a look at the top 10 autonomous vehicle companies leading the way in the industry