Locus Robotics expands its autonomous robot product offering

Locus Robotics has announced it has expanded its line of warehouse autonomous manoeuvrable robots with the introduction of Locus Vector and Locus Max

Locus Robotics’ new autonomous manoeuvrable robots (AMRs), along with the Locus Origin bot, are fully integrated with Locus’ orchestration platform, LocusOne, delivering predictable efficient, and scalable productivity within the warehouse. 

The new line addresses use cases from e-commerce, case-picking, and pallet-picking. They also help in scenarios requiring larger, heavier payloads to support the full range of product movement needs in today’s fulfilment and distribution warehouses.

“With these new LocusBots, we’re able to help our clients alleviate significant labour challenges and achieve optimal productivity by using the right bot for the job,” said Rick Faulk, CEO of Locus Robotics. 

He added: “Locus is the proven leader in developing highly productive and innovative AMR technology that efficiently solves our customers’ needs for total warehouse optimisation while delivering a fast time to value.”

The company’s revolutionary, multi-bot solution incorporates powerful and intelligent autonomous mobile robots that operate collaboratively with human workers to dramatically improve piece-handling productivity 2 – 3x, with less labour compared to traditional piece handling systems.

Locus Robotics: delivering predictable, efficient, and scalable productivity

As they are fully integrated with Locus One, users will benefit from the intelligent, multi-bot warehouse orchestration platform that delivers predictable, efficient, and scalable productivity and cost optimisation for all product movements within the warehouse.

With this announcement, Locus is further extending its position as the industry AMR leader for the automation and digitalization of warehouses, distribution and fulfilment centres to meet increasing order volumes, labour shortages, and rising consumer expectations.

“Locus’s innovative multi-bot solution has helped DHL to consistently double our worker’s productivity all around the world,” said Adrian Kumar, Global Head of Operations Science & Analytics at DHL Supply Chain. 

“This new robot lineup – with the different form factors all working together as a coordinated fleet – means we always assign the right robot, even as our needs change dynamically throughout the workday,” he continued.

Locus Vector offers flexibility for a wide range of roles from fulfilment to transport to putaway. It also features omnidirectional mobility, compact design, and robust payload capacity for use in any environment. 

With heavyweight payload capacity and unparalleled flexibility, Locus Max can easily transport a wide variety of heavy materials, cartons, or pallets across your facility. Locus Max is ideal for industrial and material handling applications.

The introduction of these products comes soon after The Insight Partners released insight into the industrial automation market’s growth, where it showed the global industrial automation market was valued at US$140.39bn in 2021 to reach US$233.94bn by 2028.

This growth is believed to be driven by the surge in the uptake of automation solutions in the oil and gas, manufacturing, chemicals and materials, pharmaceuticals industries. Additionally, APAC is anticipated to be the fastest-growing regional market with a CAGR of 8.8% from 2021 to 2028.


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