Technology Articles


Voices: transforming the audio industry with AI

Voices’ CEO, David Ciccarelli discusses the company, the benefits of AI on the audio industry, Voices’ own use of AI and the company’s plans for the future


Procore Technologies: transforming construction with data

We take a look at Procore Technologies, the construction analytics software company innovating with AI to turn project data into business intelligence


IEEE: innovating healthcare with AI technology

Antonio Espingardeiro, IEEE member and software and robotics expert discusses the importance of AI innovation for the future of the healthcare industry


How does the gaming industry help with AI development?

Undoubtedly the gaming industry has been, and continues to be, transformed by AI, but, how does the industry help developers create complex AI systems?


Peter Wurman: Director of Sony AI and robotics specialist

As Sony AI’s Director, Peter Wurman is inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame, we take a look at this innovative work with AI and robotics


How Visual Components transforms manufacturing with AI

Visual Components’ CEO, Mikko Urho discusses the company’s drive to benefit the manufacturing industry with AI technology and simulation software

Microscopy and AI: maximising its potential for the future

Luciano Lucas, Director, Leica Aivia at Leica Microsystems discusses the future of microscopy and the role of AI in maximising its potential for the future


Using AI to improve driver safety with Seeing Machines

Following the announcement of Seeing Machines’ new collaboration with Manga, we look at the company’s work with AI to support the automotive industry