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IBM and Tech Mahindra Seek to Power Up Gen AI Adoption

Both tech giants are partnering to harness the power of IBM's watsonx to help enterprises accelerate Gen AI adoption and offer new governance capabilities

ServiceNow & Microsoft Alliance Fuelling Enterprise Gen AI

ServiceNow and Microsoft have unveiled an expanded partnership that combines their powerful Gen AI capabilities into a seamless enterprise experience


The Startup That Secured Europe’s Biggest-Ever AI Investment

Startup Wayve has secured funding from tech giants Nvidia and Microsoft to further develop its embodied AI system for next-generation autonomous cars

AI: Embracing Innovation Whilst Preparing for Risk

According to the 2024 Global Cyber Security Report by Hays, 89% of cyber security leaders have expressed concern about the potential risks posed by AI


Who is Gurdeep Singh Pall? Qualtrics’ AI Strategy President

Qualtrics has appointed Microsoft veteran Gurdeep Singh Pall as its new President of AI Strategy to transform the company’s AI offerings for customers


Should Tech Leaders be Concerned About the Power of AI?

With insights from Blackstone CEO Steve Schwarzman, we consider if tech leaders are right to be anxious about AI innovation and if regulation is necessary


NVIDIA GTC: New AI Chip Could Revolutionise Businesses

We examine some of the leading AI announcements from NVIDIA at GTC, including its new B200 chip and notable partnerships with leading tech companies


Chinese AI Market Thrives Despite Chip Restrictions

Chinese AI and semiconductor markets are booming, with continued investments into research and development and government commitments to continued growth