What the KPMG and Dataiku Partnership Means for Gen AI

The collaboration leverages Dataiku’s comprehensive AI platform and KPMG’s experience in cloud migration, platform modernisation and AI governance
Dataiku has partnered up with Big Four KPMG to modernise analytics and accelerate enterprise AI adoption and to help data leaders advance their strategies

By strategically aligning, both companies will help clients to streamline their data and AI infrastructures. The end goal is fostering secure and compliant technology to meet business needs during a time of mass technological evolution within the market.

The collaboration also leverages Dataiku’s comprehensive AI platform and KPMG’s experience in cloud migration, platform modernisation and AI governance to advance Gen AI. Dataiku’s platform includes features specifically designed for business-ready AI applications that can enable organisations to advance their generative AI (Gen AI) capabilities moving forward.

As enterprises seek to progress their innovation and optimise their services, there is a great need for trustworthy AI. Establishing a robust data infrastructure is essential for organisations that want to maximise the potential of cutting-edge technologies. 

Modernising AI for the future of business

Dataiku is a leading data science and machine learning platform that enables teams to better collaborate on data projects. Founded in 2013, it provides a user-friendly interface and works to automate repetitive tasks, streamlining the end-to-end machine learning lifecycle. This enables the platform to be more accessible for non-technical users, in addition to specialised teams.

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The company’s partnership with KPMG represents a bigger issue of businesses shifting towards more responsible and comprehensive AI developments. Currently, there is much global conversation surrounding AI regulation, with businesses needing to confront new development guidelines to create safer and more ethical models.

In order to fully unlock the full potential of AI, enterprises will need to modernise their existing platforms and integrate advanced analytics with cloud-native data structures, as KPMG’s National Leader of AI (US), Dr Sreekar Krishna, explains.

“Marrying KPMG’s experience in technology strategy, cloud migration and modernisation, AI Governance, and business-ready solutions with Dataiku’s enterprise-ready platform to support data, machine learning and Gen AI, will help our joint clients achieve their AI goals,” he says.

Work like this is also designed to keep AI development secure, preparing organisations for all outcomes. According to a 2024 report by Alteryx, businesses are reporting that their AI strategies are currently not strong enough to fully support the technology. As a result, organisations are missing vital opportunities to upscale their operations, leading to issues like excess cost, for example.

In order to help business AI adoption, KPMG is planning to incorporate Dataiku into its Digital Lighthouse service offerings and Modern Data Platform solution.

This is designed to help clients:
  • Modernise Legacy Data and Analytics Systems
  • Maximise Cloud ROI
  • Operationalise AI at Scale by implementing robust DataOps and MLOps
  • Launch Secure, Cost-Effective Gen AI

The partnership is also designed to efficiently deploy data and AI workloads that fully leverage cloud investments that reduce waste and boost financial performance.

“Gen AI will continue to disrupt industries and put pressure on C-suite executives at enterprise companies to adopt solutions that not only enhance AI capabilities, but also prioritise data security and governance,” comments David Tharp, SVP of Ecosystems and Alliances at Dataiku. “Our alliance with KPMG not only addresses the technological needs of modern enterprises to meet their business goals, but also ensures that these advancements are implemented in a secure and compliant manner.”


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