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Who is Gurdeep Singh Pall? Qualtrics’ AI Strategy President

Qualtrics has appointed Microsoft veteran Gurdeep Singh Pall as its new President of AI Strategy to transform the company’s AI offerings for customers


Should Tech Leaders be Concerned About the Power of AI?

With insights from Blackstone CEO Steve Schwarzman, we consider if tech leaders are right to be anxious about AI innovation and if regulation is necessary

BSI: How Facial Recognition Technology can Remain Ethical

BSI releases new guidance concerning safe and ethical use of facial recognition tools, as ethical worries associated with its development are raised


Gen AI Investments to Increase, Despite Skills Gap Concerns

New research from software company Elastic finds Gen AI can boost enterprise productivity, but concerns over skills gaps and data security anxieties remain


Businesses are not ‘Data Ready’ for Gen AI, says Alteryx

A report by Alteryx finds that organisations must prepare, as they are not ready to unlock real value from Gen AI as a result of insufficient data stacks


Bumble: Harnessing AI to Power Human Relationships

With this year marking the tenth anniversary of Bumble, the online dating platform is keen to mark its decade in operation with a refocus on AI potential


Kheiron Medical Technology can Detect Cancer with AI Test

Breast screening AI by Kheiron Medical, using Microsoft Azure, could potentially detect 12% more breast cancers, freeing up medical staff by 30%


NVIDIA GTC: New AI Chip Could Revolutionise Businesses

We examine some of the leading AI announcements from NVIDIA at GTC, including its new B200 chip and notable partnerships with leading tech companies