Data & Analytics Articles

easyJet will use AI to reduce food waste in partner hotels

AI will monitor the reduction of food waste at one of easyJet Holidays’ most popular hotels on the Spanish Canary Island of Tenerife


Kyndryl’s Data and AI Console to simplify data management

Data-driven solution expands and increases observability and insights, while enhanced data governance helps identify irregularities and threats


Deep neural networks still struggling to match human vision

New study by researchers in Canada finds artificial intelligence still can't match the powers of human vision despite deep learning's ability with big data


Metaverse destined to become an impossible, dangerous place

Virtual reality’s strength has always been in its ability to provide humans with special experiences, not unending engagement. How about a game of DICE?


World faces flood of fake people now AI dodges bot spotters

Creating realistic fake profiles used to took time and effort, but AI advances mean authoritarian regimes and criminals can now spawn fake people at scale


Robots and drones demanding data for life-or-death decisions

Researchers are using regular wifi routers to optimise wireless networks and prevent data traffic jams and bottlenecks that can put human lives in danger


Productivity paradox as automation makes humans work harder

Automated processes that aim to free people’s time can also make that work more complex, generating new tasks that many workers might perceive as mundane

How data enrichment can turbocharge your AI/ML data workflow

Webinar with Precisely to show how organisations can organise and manage address data to build comprehensive AI/ML models