LinkedIn unveils new range of AI tools for its users

LinkedIn has revealed a new range of AI tools for its users
Social platform LinkedIn, has recently unveiled a wide range of new AI features for learning, recruitment, marketing, and sales

The Microsoft-owned social platform LinkedIn, which is widely recognised for networking and/or recruitment, has recently introduced an extensive range of new AI features, spanning areas such as learning, recruitment, marketing, and sales.

In order to keep its close to 1 billion users engaging on the platform, LinkedIn has committed to adding in a number of AI-based features across its product portfolio. This includes a big update to its Recruiter talent sourcing platform, with AI assistance built into it throughout; an AI-powered LinkedIn Learning coach; and a new AI-powered tool for marketing campaigns.

LinkedIn, however, is not entirely new to the realm of AI. In fact, the platform has extensively leveraged AI technologies for quite some time, however, until recently a lot of these capabilities have been behind the scenes. For example, have you ever been surprised when LinkedIn suggests connections that seem remarkably relevant to your interests? That’s thanks to AI. 

It goes without saying that AI has firmly established itself as a focus of interest for many, largely driven by the progress made by OpenAI and the development of services such as ChatGPT. These tools enable individuals to harness the power of computer-based intelligence, allowing them to perform tasks more efficiently.

Let's take a look at what is new

LinkedIn has explained that Recruiter 2024 is a new AI-assisted recruitment experience. By using generative AI to help recruitment professionals find better search strings to discover stronger candidates, recruiters will now be able to use more conversational language to hone in on who they hope to find. It will also mean that search results will provide more suggestions beyond what recruiters might think they are looking for.

LinkedIn Learning is set to integrate AI through the introduction of a ‘learning coach’ which will essentially take the form of a chatbot. Initially, the coach will provide advice based on recommendations and insights, primarily focusing on soft skills, but its main role will be to provide valuable information and guidance to users. 

LinkedIn itself offers a huge catalogue of learning videos, covering both those soft skills but additionally provides technical skills and other knowledge required for specific jobs. It is unconfirmed whether LinkedIn will expand the coach's coverage to include these areas as well.

Marketing is set to receive a boost from AI, with a fresh product known as Accelerate. This generative AI tool is designed to assist advertisers automate all aspects of campaign creation, reducing the time and effort required. In the space of just 5 minutes, LinkedIn explains how Accelerate will recommend an end-to-end campaign and automatic optimisations, in order to reach the right B2B audience with engaging creatives. Then, you can adjust and fine-tune before launching the campaign.

However, given that marketing campaigns typically span across multiple different platforms and audiences, users might be limited by the new tool.

Finally, Sales and the wider field of selling to B2B audiences, are also set to benefit from AI advancements. This is a relatively new area on LinkedIn, where sales professionals involved in B2B sales, utilise the platform to identify new customers, or strengthen connections already within their networks.

The new AI feature will be a search function, aimed at simplifying the process of finding potential connections and initiating conversations with these leads. Considering that AI-driven sales tools like this have already gained significant traction in the wider business landscape, this addition to LinkedIn’s offerings might be seen as a long-awaited development.


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