How Nvidia's AI Chips will Power Trend Micro's Cybersecurity

Services such as the Nvidia AI Enterprise platform are specifically designed to run on Nvidia's AI chips
Nvidia and Trend Micro have announced a partnership that will see the AI giant's chips provide solutions for the cybersecurity titan's security solutions

In a move that underscores the growing convergence of AI and cybersecurity, two titans of the respective industries, Nvidia and Trend Micro, announced a partnership to develop new AI-driven security tools.

Designed to safeguard data centres where AI workloads are processed, the collaboration aims to leverage Nvidia's industry-leading AI hardware and software capabilities to bolster Trend Micro's cybersecurity offerings.

Trend Micro’s offering, for business and government customers, underscores the growing value organisations are placing on their AI capabilities and the cybersecurity company’s ambition to secure that. 

Protecting the AI honeypot

Businesses are increasingly adopting AI systems to support their staff in their workflows and enhance operations, often with enterprise equivalent chatbots like OpenAI Enterprise being used.

To accomplish this, the companies frequently consolidate data from many parts of the company into one location.

This large pool of data, however, now creates an attractive target for cybercriminals.

"They work their way into the enterprise and they find this massive honeypot of information," Trend Micro Chief Operating Officer Kevin Simzer told Reuters.

Therefore, the impetus to protect these big ‘honeypots’ from hacker eavesdropping and identifying intrusions has grown. As a hack on these data systems these enterprise chatbots run on can contain sensitive data, such as confidential client information or trade secrets. 

AI augmented cybersecurity

The tools, designed to run on Nvidia's powerful AI chips, will address this vulnerability, by not only detecting potential intruders but also ensuring that sensitive data fed into AI systems remains accessible only to authorised personnel and applications.

Nvidia's software ecosystem is tightly integrated with their hardware, leveraging the specialised architecture and capabilities of their GPUs and DPUs to accelerate AI workloads like deep learning training, inference, and data analytics.

Services, such as CUDA, TensorRT, and the Nvidia AI Enterprise platform, are specifically designed to run on Nvidia's AI chips, including GPUs and DPUs. These chips are engineered to handle the parallel processing demands of AI workloads, providing significant performance improvements over traditional CPUs.

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Integration with Trend Micro's Solutions

The integration of Nvidia's advanced AI technologies into Trend Micro's cybersecurity solutions provides several key benefits

How the chips upskill cyber
  • Trend Vision One – Sovereign and Private Cloud (SPC): This solution integrates Nvidia NIM to enhance data privacy, real-time analysis, and rapid threat mitigation. The use of Nvidia's AI chips ensures that the solution can handle the high computational demands of modern data centres without compromising performance
  • Nvidia DOCA App Shield: By incorporating this API, Trend Vision One – SPC can continuously validate application integrity, enhancing its ability to detect and mitigate malicious activity. This ensures that sensitive data remains secure and accessible only to authorised personnel
  • Nvidia Morpheus Framework: This framework extends the capabilities of human analysts by providing real-time data analysis and faster threat detection. This integration allows Trend Micro to offer a more efficient and effective cybersecurity solution

AI's future in cyber

Nvidia's cutting-edge AI chips and software services enable Trend Micro to build an AI-driven cybersecurity platform that can secure next-generation AI data centres. This integration provides high-performance, scalable, and efficient threat detection and response capabilities, ensuring the security and integrity of AI-enabled data centres.

With AI lowering the bar of entry for would be hackers, this partnership highlights how AI providers like Nividia will become a more important partner in the cyber sphere, as well as in the AI.  


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