Accenture's expansive vision for generative AI

Accenture's Chief Strategy Officer, Bhaskar Ghosh, shares the vast scope of generative AI applications, highlighting key use cases and the need for respons

Accenture, in an interview with ET, revealed an extensive range of use cases where generative AI can deliver significant results.

Bhaskar Ghosh, the Global Chief Strategy Officer at Accenture, emphasised that while both the company and its customers are excited about the potential of generative AI, its application is not universal.

The diverse applicability of Gen-AI

With an internal analysis of over 300 use cases, Accenture identified diverse opportunities across 19 industries.

These use cases span service delivery, consulting and technology; where the company employs internal data to train private models for enhanced outcomes.

Early adopters in the financial services, retail and government sectors have already embarked on trial projects.

In the interview, Ghosh highlights that the adoption pace will be influenced by factors such as cost-effectiveness.

He says the transformative power of AI encompasses creativity, intelligent automation and collaborative human-AI endeavours.

Despite its promise, Ghosh advises caution due to early-stage challenges. Issues like hallucinations and incorrect answers must be addressed.

Ghosh asserts that generative AI is not a one-size-fits-all solution for enterprises.

Accenture's expansive vision for generative AI

5 broad areas for Gen-AI

Accenture identifies five broad areas where generative AI can be implemented: advising, creating, automation, software creation, and protection.

Accenture is actively engaged with a global broadcast company to explore generative AI's potential in delivering personalised experiences and driving audience engagement.

Furthermore, the company is collaborating with a multinational bank to streamline post-trade processing through generative AI-powered email routing and suggested responses.

Accenture’s Gen-AI and LLM Centre of Excellence

To foster expertise and innovation, Accenture has established a Generative AI and LLM (large language model) Centre of Excellence (CoE) with 1600 employees, including a significant presence in India.

An additional 40,000 employees trained in deep artificial intelligence support the CoE.

Ghosh outlines the CoE's role in incubation, capability building and driving the skilling agenda.

Generative AI set to surge

He foresees a surge in generative AI implementation projects in the next two to three years, enabling companies to redefine performance frontiers and unlock the collaborative creativity of humans and AI.

Responsible AI guidelines are vital for organisations adopting AI, addressing concerns around data privacy and establishing an overarching AI strategy.

Accenture's responsible AI practice ensures close collaboration with clients to establish ethical frameworks.

Client data usage is clearly defined, outlining the permissible ways in which data can be employed.


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