How Akkio is enabling a generation of AI-powered businesses

We take a look at technology company Akkio, which is on a mission to build a world where the capabilities of AI are available to everyone

Founded in June 2019, Akkio is a technology company that aims to make AI easy enough for anyone to use. It combines machine learning (ML) technology with an intuitive platform to enable a new generation of AI-powered businesses.

Augmented AI has been rapidly growing. According to Gartner, “The data science and machine learning (DSML) market have a relentless pace of innovation, reflected by multiple trends such as democratisation, augmentation, operationalisation and composability. This is giving shape to new platform generations.”

The company has recently announced a wide range of new features, functionality, and integrations to make it much easier for CIOs to deploy AI in any size organisation.

Using AI to optimise business outcomes 

According to Akkio, the new offering delivers AI-driven insights up to 10x faster than before. For CIOs, AI can now be leveraged across their existing Analytics team to quickly optimise business performance in use cases ranging from sales to marketing to even forecasting.

“With this new update, teams in business units without AI expertise or experience can now easily train models and get insights on the most popular enterprise data sources and applications, now including Snowflake, BigQuery, Airtable, Hubspot, Salesforce, and Google Sheets,” said Jon Reilly, co-founder and COO of Akkio. “We’re trying to make AI as easy to use in business as Excel spreadsheets. Now anyone can get quick data wins - using AI to surface patterns and optimise key business outcomes.”

Extracting the full value of data 

Organisations have recognised that the data they collect across their business gives them competitive market advantages if they can put that data to work and take action. Data analysts can now instantly gain insights from ML models that find and surface patterns in their data. Akkio offers the ability for analysts to see the most predictive factors in their data and understand the combination of factors that drive outcomes. Akkio also now automatically creates segments, or clusters, of data that groups together cohorts around an outcome. A business can then take action on segments by targeting specific cohorts with different offers, optimising their conversion.

The explosive growth of complex and time-based data requires intelligent tooling that helps users make decisions much faster - analysing data at a speed, volume and complexity that is beyond the reach of the human mind. No-code AI from Akkio can help businesses to extract the full value of their data.



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