AI Applications Articles

ESG needs a rethink: AI technology holds the key

How do we truly harness the potential of ESG? To understand the issue, we need to delve deeper into how ESG is integrated today and where AI can help

Does AI have a role to play in mental health care?

How can AI help expand access to much-needed mental health solutions - and what challenges need to be overcome to get there?

AI-powered features key to ServiceNow's latest platform

ServiceNow's newly-unveiled Now Platform Utah includes AI-powered process mining with robotic process automation capabilities


Metaverse destined to become an impossible, dangerous place

Virtual reality’s strength has always been in its ability to provide humans with special experiences, not unending engagement. How about a game of DICE?


Clever coders lead the way as Microsoft launches 365 Copilot

Microsoft 365 Copilot hopes to turn the world’s workforce into AI-assisted productivity rockstars, like best computer coders. Just don’t call it Clippy 2.0


Baidu’s ERNIE doesn’t want confrontation with United States

More than 30,000 enterprise users applied for access to Baidu’s ERNIE Bot Enterprise Edition within two hours of its launch yesterday, the company reported


World faces flood of fake people now AI dodges bot spotters

Creating realistic fake profiles used to took time and effort, but AI advances mean authoritarian regimes and criminals can now spawn fake people at scale


Robots and drones demanding data for life-or-death decisions

Researchers are using regular wifi routers to optimise wireless networks and prevent data traffic jams and bottlenecks that can put human lives in danger