AI Applications Articles


Microsoft: building robust AI strategies in manufacturing

Manufacturing leaders have a duty to understand AI strategies, says a Microsoft Thought Leader, and data could be the key to unlocking AI opportunities


Uniphore: supporting customer service with AI innovation

Balaji Raghavan, Uniphore’s CTO discusses AI, the customer service industry and how his company’s software for customer conversation optimisation works

Dataiku: A central solution for managing AI applications

We take a look at Dataiku, a platform for everyday AI, and how it it is helping companies manage AI applications


Catching up with Sophia: gender bias in AI

Gender bias in AI is discussed often. Here, Hanson Robotics’ robot, Sophia, shares how this bias is experienced by humans and robots alike

How is Infosys using AI to improve manufacturing?

Jasmeet Singh, Infosys Executive Vice President and Global Head of Manufacturing spoke to AI magazine about using different technologies in manufacturing


Artificial intelligence could be a stroke of genius for golf

AI has been besting humans for years with powerful expert systems like Deep Blue and AlphaGo. Now AIs are taking up golf – but this time to help humans win

IRONSCALES: Protecting companies from phishing with AI

We take a look at how IRONSCALES is tackling the growing cyber security issue of phishing by using an AI solution


5 minutes with: Vikram Saxena, CEO, BetterCommerce

We spoke to Vikram Saxena, the CEO of BetterCommerce, to learn his predictions for the future of AI, and his company’s role in this technology transition