AI Applications Articles

Ivalua: Businesses Seek to Embrace Gen AI in Procurement

Roughly one-quarter of businesses use AI for procurement purposes in the UK alone, but issues of data quality and skills gaps still remain for the sector


Graphcore: Who is the Nvidia Challenger SoftBank Acquired?

SoftBank's acquisition of the UK startup Graphcore could accelerate development of the more efficient IPU AI chips and challenge chip giant Nvidia


LG’s Athom Acquisition to Accelerate AI-Enabled Smart Homes

LG’s Acquisition of Athom highlights the manufacturer's view that the insights of all devices will be needed to contribute to an AI-powered smart home

Cisco & Presidio Behind Telehealth to North Carolina Prisons

Cisco & Presidio deliver telehealth and remote learning solution for North Carolina Department of Adult Correction

Accenture: Delivering Telco Excellence as Partner to VMO2

Accenture’s Derek Melvin and Velissarios Lataris share how the leading consultancy supports UK telco giant Virgin Media O2’s success


AI Patent Race: What China’s Dominance Means for the Market

The UN finds that China is steaming ahead of other countries in the generative AI (Gen AI) patent race, having filed six times more patents than the US

Why ML is Pivotal in Securing a Sustainable Future

Machine learning has the possibility to optimise energy grids, ensure waste is kept to a minimum, and renewable sources are maximised

Zendesk: How AI Chatbots can Transform Customer Service

We speak with Matthias Goehler, Zendesk’s EMEA CTO, about how AI-powered virtual assistants are providing fast, personalised service at scale