Kainos: Breaching boundaries of limitation

Russell Sloan, Director of Digital Services, explains how Belfast-based Kainos has developed a unique mindset that embraces any digital challenge

Russell Sloan, Director of Digital Services, explains how Belfast-founded Kainos have developed a unique mindset that embraces any digital challenge. 

Kainos pride themselves on combining the disruptive power of technology with the courageous ambition of their people to create a better world for all. 

Having undertaken projects undertaken with the UK Government, the NHS and FS&I organisations, they aren’t afraid to challenge themselves or the organisations they partner with, as they prepare the communities they operate in for what comes next. 

A diversified business, 37% of their work is in the public sector, 41% is in the commercial sector and 22% in healthcare.

In 2013, Sloan was charged with developing public sector business for Kainos – the largest and fastest growing area of activity in the company –alongside the UK government’s ambitious and challenging ‘digital-by-default’ initiative.

Sloan now leads Kainos Digital Services, one of Kainos’ two business units, and a team of over 1,400 staff, delivering digital transformation for government, healthcare and commercial sector organisations in the UK, Ireland, Europe and North America. 

He is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the business unit and developing long-term relationships through ongoing positive engagement.

Sloan steers sustainable and predictable growth, continuous engagement and development of his staff and ultimately, the successful delivery of projects.


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