Design Concepts in VR

By Kayleigh Shooter

 Siemens Corporate Technology has developed a novel workflow that integrates all the necessary steps from designing a product with a CAD tool, testing its functionality interactively, till its optimization in the same virtual environment. Our workflow contains easy-to-learn user interface which extend the use of CAD and CAE tools to non-experts enabling them to design and test their ideas without having deep knowledge of complex software tools. Finally, our workflow incorporates XR collaboration capabilities. The generated geometry and the corresponding results can be evaluated by several experts in a virtual collaboration environment independently from their location and end device. Preliminary studies have shown that 70% of the users realized all the steps using the VR workflow in a predefined time frame, contrary to 30% with the traditional simulation tools . So this workflow can boost the productivity in the early design phase as we reduce significantly the time from the ideation to the first real prototype. 


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