Top 10 artificial intelligence newsletters

Here is a selection of interesting and insightful artificial intelligence (AI) newsletters for people to access and keep up to date will all things AI

With new AI technologies emerging every day the AI industry is rapidly changing and innovating to provide new services and applications. AI news websites and web pages have free to subscribe newsletters for people to subscribe to and keep an eye on the latest trends and news in the AI industry.

1 - AI Magazine 

Our very own magazine has its own newsletter sharing the latest news and insights into AI. With stories covering AI strategy, machine learning, AR and VR, data, analytics, technology and AI applications this twice-weekly newsletter keeps you updated with AI news.

AI Magazine

2 - Import AI

Written by OpenAI’s Jack Clark, this weekly newsletter provides succinct news summaries of major events along with commentary from Clark to provide context on every story. This newsletter is accessible for all and can be utilised by people new to AI and those needing to catch up on AI developments.

Import AI

3 - Benedict’s Newsletter

In his newsletter, Benedict Evans shares what he believes to be news that “actually mattered” each week. Readers of Benedict’s Newsletter can read news into machine learning, AR and VR.

Benedict’s Newsletter

4 - AI Trends

This newsletter is a source for AI news and events. Sharing with its readings trends in the AI space, AI Trends keeps its readers informed on all AI news.

AI Trends

5 - AI Weekly

AI weekly is a free weekly newsletter that shares a collection of AI news with its readership. As well as keeping its readers up to date with AI news, AI Weekly also share resources on AI and machine learning. 

AI Weekly

6 - The Talking Machines

The Talking Machine shares insight into machine learning with discussion from experts and industry news. It provides its readers with the latest podcasts, news, events and even job postings.

The Talking Machines

7 - Skynet Today 

This newsletter puts ‘AI news in perspective’. Skynet Today’s newsletter helps its readership keep up with AI progress and discission. Its other newsletter ‘Last Week in AI’ provides weekly digests of the most important and interesting AI news.

Skynet Today

8 - The Wild Week in AI

Curated by Denny Britz, The Wild Week in AI shares news into AI and deep learning. Britz worked at Google Brain on deep learning techniques in reinforcement learning, machine translation and conversational modelling.

The Wild Week in AI

9 - Data Machina

Data Machina is a “weekly digest of machine learning curiosities, data science geekery and other data amenities”. This newsletter provides links to data sets, data visualisations, content on blockchain, natural language processing and more.

Data Machina

10 - TopBots Applied AI

Containing a huge amount of information and articles on AI news for business leaders, the TopBots website has curated a supplementary newsletter to keep people informed on its latest posts.

TopBots Applied AI



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