Top 10 American AI Companies

We take a look at the top ten AI companies in America

AI is continuously innovating our industries, and changing the way we live. The US has around 2000 AI companies in total. In this list we look at 10 different artificial intelligence companies based in the United States. 

10. AEye

AEye was founded during 2013 in California, this artificial intelligence company provides a variety of services, such as developing vision hardware and algorithms for self-driving vehicles. The company is owned and founded by Luis Dussan, who is known for designing mission targeting systems for fighter jets. 

9. AIBrain

AIBrain was founded in 2012 by Richard H. Shinn. The company is headquartered in California and specialises in developing artificial intelligence focused around problem solving, learning and memory. AIBrain was started in order to replicate and improve human intelligence using AI.

8. AlphaSense

Headquared in New York City, AlphaSense is one of the leading artificial intelligence companies. The company provides a market and intelligence and search platform, which allows professionals to make more accurate business decisions. AlphaSense was founded by Jack Kokko during 2007, and the company now has nearly 2000 enterprise customers.

7. Anki

Anki was founded during 2010 in San Francisco by Mark Palatucci, Hanns Tappeiner, Boris Sofman. Anki is a robotics and technology company that is known for their development of artificial intelligence flashcard memorisation platform. The company also creates artificial intelligence for children’s technology, in order to improve problem solving. 

6. Blue River Technology

Founded in 2010 Blue River Technology is robotics and technology company based in California. Founded by Jorge Heraud, Blue River Technology was started in order to change agriculture through creation of intelligent machinery. Through the use of this new technology farmers are able to make their processes more sustainable and reduce the usage of chemicals. 

5. Casetext

Casetext is an online platform used for legal research, the service uses artificial intelligence technology to help professionals like lawyers enhance their search. The company was founded by two attorneys, Jake Heller and Pablo Arredondon, and was created in order to make legal research better for attorneys. Casetext was first established in San Francisco during 2013 and is now rated the worlds number 1 Legal Research Software by G2 Crowd. 

4. CognitiveScale 

Founded by Matt Sanchez who is known for leading products and technology within CognitiveScale. The company specialises in data interpretation and machine learning systems in order to improve decision making, customer engagement, and employee productivity. CognitiveScale was founded during 2013 in Texas, and now has clients including Morgan Stanley, Dell and Under Armour.

3. Clarifai

Clarifai is an artificial intelligence company known for its use of machine learning and neural networks to analyse images and videos. The company was founded by Matthew Zeiler who created the company shortly after finishing university, during 2013 in New York City. Clarifai now has over 90 employees and is valued at around $120 million. 

2. CloudMinds

CloudMinds was founded in California by Bill Huang and Robert Zhang during the beginning of 2015, the company is based in Beijing, China and California but operates across the globe. CloudMinds operates cloud systems for AI based robots, focusing on machine learning, intelligence terminals and robotic control units. CloudMinds technology has been used throughout a variety of industries such as healthcare, finance and the military. 

1. DataRobot

Founded during 2012 by Jeremy Achin and Tom de Godoy, DataRobot is a data science company based in Boston. The company specialises in allowing business analysts to build predictive analytics without needing to learn programming or have prior knowledge of machine learning. DataRobot is being used in a wide range of sectors such as, Universities, healthcare and financial services. The company is now valued at over $6.3 billion.


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