launches DynamicNLP to deploy conversational AI

On a mission to help companies deploy conversational AI, has launched DynamicNLP

Leading conversational AI platform,, has announced the launch of its proprietary DynamicNLP, to help companies deploy conversational AI within minutes with lower operational costs and an intent accuracy of more than 97%.

According to the future of conversational AI from Deloitte, training AI agents with manual methods can take as long as six to nine months, making it one of the most common setup challenges faced by enterprises. DynamicNLP eliminates the process of training and labelling Natural Language Processing (NLP) models manually. According to the company, DynamicNLP comes with a pre-trained model built using billions of anonymised conversations, which helps in the reduction of unidentified utterances by up to 60%, making the AI agents more human-like and scalable across industries with wider use-cases.

Raghu Ravinutala, co-founder and CEO, said: “ DynamicNLP is a first of its kind proprietary technology in the global enterprise Conversational AI industry; a breakthrough innovation that can help enterprises save time, effort, and operational cost while accelerating their go-live strategy. It enables our pre-trained Dynamic AI agents to deliver superlative moments of truth across the entirety of customers' and employees' life cycles. As global tech innovators, we see our DynamicNLP as a significant step forward in realising the true potential of NLP as a game-changing technology.”

Accelerating AI automation is trusted across over 85 countries by 1000+ enterprises, including Domino's, Siemens Limited, Arabian Radio Network, Waste Connections US and Tata. Recognised by Frost & Sullivan, Gartner, Forrester, IDC, and G2 as a leader, the company has raised more than US$102mn from blue-chip investors and has offices across six countries.

With DynamicNLP,’s platform is capable of improving the accuracy of seen and unseen intents in utterances. The elimination of manual labelling also helps remove the errors propagated, leading to a stronger, more robust NLP with better intent coverage for all types of conversations. With the agility offered by DynamicNLP, enterprises can successfully maximise efficiency and effectiveness across a wider gamut of use cases, including Customer Support, Customer Engagement, Conversational Commerce, HR and ITSM Automation. 

Eric Hansen, CIO, Waste Connections, said “ has helped us accelerate our AI automation journey for some of the most important use cases, and with the launch of DynamicNLP™ which enables zero training for NLP models, would elevate customer and employee experiences from day one. We firmly believe that DynamicNLP™ will open new avenues to scale up additional use cases of customer support and agent productivity.”


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