Uniphore: Helping brands implement AI to improve experiences

Vijai Shankar, Vice President Product & Growth Marketing at Uniphore, spoke to AI magazine about conversational AI and improving customer experience

Can you tell me about Uniphore? 

Uniphore delivers a Conversational AI and Automation platform that understands every B2C and B2B conversation in an enterprise and offers “cues” to guide customers, agents, and sellers to deliver a much better customer and employee experience. We have built the most comprehensive and powerful platform that combines conversational AI, computer vision, emotion and tonal analysis, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and knowledge AI with a business-user-friendly UX in a single integrated platform to transform and democratise customer and employee experiences across industries. 

Our solutions at their core are designed to help brands provide a frictionless customer experience with customer and agent guidance with next-best-action and improve operational efficiencies. For revenue teams to close deals more successfully, our solution enables cues to read the room more effectively. Built on one powerful platform, Uniphore’s technology is the only one on the market that delivers conversational AI, robotic process automation (RPA), computer vision, emotion AI and knowledge AI to help businesses deliver and excel at what they do. 

What is your role and responsibilities at the company? 

I lead the product and growth marketing teams at Uniphore including product marketing, demand generation, field marketing, partner marketing and marketing operations. My teams are responsible for defining the messaging and positioning, content creation, sales enablement, generating demand and supporting our partners.  

How can conversational AI help people communicate more effectively? 

When customers call in to a contact centre, they are looking for answers to their problems in an easy and frictionless way, whether they are communicating with a machine or with a live agent. The goal of the business, on the other hand, should be to provide their customers with the most accurate and efficient response, in the quickest manner possible, thus driving a better overall customer experience.  

Conversational AI can help in this communication by better guiding both the customer and the agent, understanding their intent, emotion and sentiment to deliver step-by-step guidance for both customers and agents. For example, using ASR (automatic speech recognition) and NLP (natural language processing), Uniphore’s technology recognises over 100 languages and dialects and can pick up on customer intent and tonal emotion while providing agents with real-time guidance during calls. This enables the agents to offer the best response, saving valuable time for both agents and customers, while resulting in huge ROIs for businesses.

In what ways do you think AI will continue to transform the way we interact with each other? 

When customers call in for quick resolution to their issues, a chatbot can help them with the right guidance, quickly and efficiently. If the interaction is more complex or needs a live agent involvement, then conversational AI can help the agent provide the most accurate, relevant info by understanding not just the spoken word, but also the intent and tonal emotion of the interaction. 

Why are AI and automation tools that understand consumer intent integral for delivering empathetic experiences? 

Because without understanding the emotion and intent of the customer you can’t deliver the most appropriate response. Imagine having a conversation with a robot as opposed to a live person. There will be a lot more meaningful back and forth with a person as tone of voice, sentiment and intent are all taken into consideration. 

Our Q for Sales product, just launched March 2022 delivers the same capabilities to revenue teams. As most sales scenarios have shifted to virtual meetings post pandemic, it’s more important than ever for sales teams to be able to read the room and connect with customers with empathy. Using computer vision along with conversational AI, Q for Sales provides sales teams with a real-time read of the room so they can ensure their audience is on track with what they are delivering. 

What is next for Uniphore? 

We will continue to grow and innovate our products to enable businesses to derive value from every conversation to retain and gain customers effectively and efficiently. This involves advancement in knowledge AI, automation, and core capabilities for our entire platform which encompasses the customer experience (CX) and revenue teams' family of products. 


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