Top 10 Artificial Intelligence News Websites

By Laura Berrill
Artificial intelligence is the simulation of human intelligence processes by machines, especially computer systems.


  1. AI Magazine

AI Magazine - AI Industry News

AI Magazine is the digital community for the global technology industry connecting the world’s largest Artificial Intelligence brands and their most senior executives with the latest trends. It combines the latest technology news with executive thought leadership interviews and with in-depth case studies on AI Applications, Technology, Data & Analytics, AR & VR, Machine Learning and AI Strategy.

  1. Analytics Insight Magazine

Magazine | (

This is one one of the most significant first print and digital publications focused on artificial intelligence, big data and analytics. It spotlights insights, trends and opinion and features analysis on other related technology including data management, IoT and cloud. Additionally it runs opinions and views from top leaders and executives in the industry who share their experience and knowledge on how to grow profitable businesses.

  1. AI Trends

AI Trends - The Business and Technology of Enterprise AI

AI Trends focuses on the business and technology of enterprise AI and calls itself the leading industry media channel which is designed to keep industry executives ahead of the curve in the ever-changing world of artificial intelligence and data.

  1. MIT News

Artificial intelligence | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The website of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has a dedicated news page relating the field of artificial intelligence technology, its development, research and use cases. The Institute of Technology says its mission is to advance knowledge and educate students in science, technology, and other areas that will best serve the nation and the world in the 21st century.

  1. Wired

Artificial Intelligence Latest News and Features | WIRED UK

One of the most prolific and well-known, as well as well-read and recognised technology sites, Wired covers a huge range of subjects, both in the B2B and B2C fields. The site covers subjects including the spheres of privacy, culture, health, culture and consumer stories and provides news as well as more in-depth, long read articles.

  1. Dataversity

DATAVERSITY - Data Education for Business and IT Professionals

Dataversity Education LLC produces educational resources for business and Information Technology (IT) professionals on the uses and management of data. Its team strives to provide high-quality content to a worldwide community of practitioners, experts and developers. The members can participate in and benefit from face-to-face hosted conferences, free online events, live webinars, white papers, online training, daily news, articles and blogs.

  1. Open AI

Open AI comes from industry experts who ‘want to bring AI to the masses’. It is an AI research and deployment company whose mission is to ensure that AI benefits the whole of humanity and ensure artificial general intelligence (AGI), a highly autonomous system, can outperform humans in the most economically valuable work.

  1. AI News

AI News - Artificial Intelligence News (

Artificial Intelligence News provides all the latest AI news and trends happening in the industry across the globe. It also explores industry research and reports from the frontline of the technology. It covers the different applications of the technology in all types of industry, including enterprise, healthcare and manufacturing and covers machine and deep learning, augmented reality, virtual reality and robotics.

  1. Emerj

Emerj Artificial Intelligence research is a platform on which executive leaders turn to in order to understand how AI is impacting their organisation or industry and what to do about it. It is also the industry source for authoritative market research and competitive intelligence for the business applications of AI. Its research and industry overviews are designed to give executives, as well as decision makers what they need for competitive insight, informed AI technology procurement and strategic planning around the technology.

10. Extreme Tech

artificial intelligence Archives - ExtremeTech

Extreme Tech examines all the latest news and developments in both business and consumer AI. It also goes into more detail with analysis and features, thought leadership and interviews with industry experts and the companies and players in the world of AI and big data.



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