Soft Robotics launches SoftAI to accelerate robotic adoption

The robotics company launched SoftAI to accelerate the adoption of robotics in food processing

Soft Robotics incorporated proprietary 3D vision, artificial intelligence software and industry-proven soft grasping to develop its SoftAI solution. The company's transformational robotic automation solutions enable machine builders to solve the hardest picking problems in food automation.

This new technology is to address the inability to meaningfully automate operations, a pressing problem plaguing the food industry.

"The food industry is critically dependent on labour to meet its production goals," said Mark Chiappetta, COO at Soft Robotics. 

"But challenges with workforce availability and productivity, tightening food safety regulations, and global health crises have illuminated the need to break this dependency. SoftAI powered robotic automation is the solution," he continued.

Augmenting traditional industrial robots

By augmenting traditional industrial robots with true hand-eye coordination, SoftAI changes the robotics game.

Through its technological innovation, Soft Robotics have driven forward the broad-scale adoption of automation. This will ultimately result in a more resilient food supply chain that produces safer products at higher volumes with reduced waste and lower operational costs.

"Robots have been widely adopted across an array of industries resulting in safer working environments, consistently higher quality products and improved economics for operators," said Jeff Beck, CEO at Soft Robotics.  

"However, robotics adoption in food production operations has been very limited due to technological and sanitation challenges. SoftAI was specifically developed by a team of highly accomplished robotics engineers to solve those challenges. It's ready now to make a real positive difference in the quest to automate food production. We look forward to engaging with food producers and our systems integration partners in this new frontier for robotics," he added.

With its industry-leading and award-winning technology, Soft Robotics are equipped to solve the outlined challenges in the food industry. 

The company is backed by leading venture capital firms and strategic investors that include ABB Technology Ventures, Calibrate Ventures, Hyperplane Venture Capital, Material Impact, Scale Venture Partners, FANUC, Honeywell Ventures, Tekfen Ventures, Tyson Ventures and Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd,


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