Schlumberger expands AI innovation network with a new centre

By opening its new INNOVATION FACTORI in Houston, Schlumberger has expanded its global AI innovation network and aims to drive AI at the enterprise level

This announcement by Schlumberger, technology and integrated project management supplier, marks the successful expansion of its INNOVATION FACTORI network. The technology company has now opened its new centre in Houston, Texas.

With this, Schlumberger will enable customers to accelerate the development and deployment of enterprise-scale artificial intelligence (AI) and digital solutions. Customers will be able to do this in the context of their unique business challenges, spanning exploration to production and new energy systems.

“At INNOVATION FACTORI, customer teams join with our domain and data science experts to address their strategic demands, such as fast-tracking of drilling automation, deployment of digital twins to optimize production, and modelling to achieve efficient carbon capture and storage,” said Rajeev Sonthalia, president, Digital and Integration at Schlumberger. 

“Through INNOVATION FACTORI, customers can turn promising concepts into fully deployed digital solutions that extract maximum value from data to drive a major leap in business performance and, in turn, sustainability,” he continued.

INNOVATION FACTORI providing unrivalled AI capabilities

Schlumberger's customers can benefit from an agile approach by leveraging native applications in the DELFI cognitive E&P environment, which are seamlessly integrated with Agora edge AI and IoT solutions, through the hub.

This secure, cloud-based environment harnesses scientific knowledge and domain expertise to fundamentally change the way of working in every part of the E&P value chain.

Customers also have access to a powerful machine learning platform with unrivalled AI capabilities through Schlumberger’s partnership with Dataiku, an AI company specialising in Everyday AI.

With Dataiku, Schlumberger is enabling customers to leverage a single, centralised platform to design, deploy, govern, and manage AI and analytics applications. In doing so, the company is allowing everyday users to develop ‘low-code no-code’ AI solutions.

The INNOVATION FACTORI was first launched in 2021 and since, Schlumberger has delivered over 200 digital innovation projects to customers around the world, supported by over 4000 domain experts and more than 800 data scientists.


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