Nauto: Creating predictive vehicle safety technology

We take a look at Nauto, which aims to predict collisions before they occur and give drivers more reaction time with AI-powered sensors and alerts

On a mission to make driving safer and smarter, Nauto is a leading SaaS provider of enterprise AI and computer vision solutions for commercial fleets and the automotive sector. 

Founded in 2015, it is the only real-time, AI-enabled driver and fleet safety platform to predict, prevent, and reduce high-risk events in the mobility ecosystem. 

Nauto's solutions combine AI-native technology, data science, and more than 1.2 billion AI-processed driving miles to help predict and prevent collisions before they occur. This unique approach can improve driver performance and reduce collision loss, providing rapid ROI while mitigating risk factors of greatest impact.


Introducing new features to improve safety 

Nauto's advanced AI technology is able to track and analyse risk in real-time, and when it detects covered risks it can provide preventative warnings that may give drivers critical extra time in which to respond. 

The latest advanced AI capabilities from Nauto include automatic detection of four new, high-risk driver behaviors in the vehicle that trigger real-time alerts for greater driver and fleet safety and risk reduction, while also helping to streamline operations. 

Last year the company announced advancements in its AI technology and new features that can help prevent risky behaviours that lead to collisions, including notifications and warnings for:

  • Pedestrian collision
  • Speeding over the posted limit
  • Progressive fatigue and drowsiness
  • Intersection violations

With these new additions, Nauto's in-vehicle alerts and AI-informed driver coaching now address over 90% of weighted collision risk factors as identified by the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute.


Real-time solutions 

According to Nauto, technology can play a key role in reducing distracted driving and help keep drivers — and pedestrians, cyclists — safe.

"Nauto's AI-native approach measures and detects critical real-time driving risks that cause collisions and helps drivers avoid collisions rather than only informing them after-the-fact," said Yoav Banin, Chief Product Officer at Nauto. "We are putting advanced AI and over 1 billion miles of driver behaviour data to work to improve driver safety and reduce risk. As a result, our customers have seen that 2 out of 3 drivers improve automatically in 2 weeks without any human intervention, and their fleets benefit from up to 80% reduction in collisions."



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