How is Darktrace helping HackerOne to close a security gap?

Darktrace and HackerOne have a new partnership which spans Attack Surface Management (ASM) Technology, Security Testing, and Reconnaissance Training

Darktrace, a cyber security-based artificial intelligence (AI) specialist, has teamed up with attack resistance management provider HackerOne to combine AI with Attack Surface Management (ASM).

The partnership was announced at BlackHat USA 2022, and expands HackerOne’s OpenASM initiative and delivers on a shared vision with Darktrace to help organisations secure their digital estate through technology and a community of ethical hackers.

"Our partnership with Darktrace enhances HackerOne's ability to close customers' security gaps. We are partnering with Darktrace because of their leadership in security, global coverage, and the flexibility of their asset discovery product to protect organisations of every type and size. The innovation and quality of their AI technology combined with the HackerOne Attack Resistance Management platform will improve the effectiveness of vulnerability discovery and provide the foundation for jointly developed security solutions that combine the best of human and machine intelligence," said Ashish Warty, SVP of Engineering at HackerOne.

Using AI to help with cyber security 

According to The 2022 Attack Resistance Management Report, one-third of organisations said they monitor less than 75% of their attack surface, and almost 20% believe that over half of their attack surface is unknown or not observable. 

In June, HackerOne launched OpenASM, an initiative that empowers organisations to combine external scan data from ASM products with HackerOne's proactive security testing capabilities to gain a comprehensive understanding of attack surface risks. As an early champion of OpenASM, Darktrace assures that customers can quickly gain visibility of their external assets, while hacker expertise provides targeted testing and data enrichment to address the most critical risks to their organisation.

"We are delighted to announce our partnership with HackerOne, a company which aligns closely with our vision of ridding the world of cyber-disruption. We have always embraced the hacker community, but with this partnership, we are making that more visible to the outside world. By providing ASM data to HackerOne programs, participating hackers become more efficient at finding vulnerabilities and spend less time on reconnaissance. We are proud HackerOne has selected PREVENT/ASM as the leading platform to accelerate HackerOne's Attack Resistance Management strategy," added Pieter Jansen, SVP Cyber Innovation at Darktrace.


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