Veriff: enabling trust with intelligent and automated IDV

Following the announcement that Veriff has joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network, we take a look at the work the company has done with AI

Founded in 2015, Veriff is a global identity verification (IDV) provider that hat enables organisations to build trust with their customers through intelligent, accurate, and automated online IDV.

With its intelligent decision engine, Veriff can analyse thousands of technological and behavioural variables in seconds. In doing so, it is able to match people to more than 10,000 government-issued IDs from over 190 countries and in 40 languages. 

The technology does this via machine learning (ML) and its intelligent decision engine. As a result, Veriff customers are empowered to expand across borders as it makes its decision engine smarter and more effective over time.

By utilising artificial intelligence (AI) and ML technologies, Veriff sets the benchmark for online IDV and delivers to the growing need for trust online.

Since its founding, Veriff has built up a global portfolio of organisations across the fintech, crypto and mobility sectors. It has also managed to secure $92.8 mn in funding and create a global team within the US, UK, Spain and Estonia.

Utilising AI to maximise new customer conversion

Included in Veriff’s portfolio of solutions is its Identity Verification Platform, anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) Compliance, ID Verification Software, Face Match, Assisted Image Capture and Verification Tooling.

All tools, which are AI-powered, are customisable. With its identity verification and KYC customers are able to automate the identity verification process without compromising fraud prevention.

Veriff’s ID proofing capabilities means that customers can know that the identity documents presented by customers are authentic in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, its AML service protects customers’ businesses and complies with AML regulations.

With its team of UX experts, Veriff is able to design products to maximise new customer conversion while stopping bad actors.

Joining APN to further grow Veriff’s customer base

By joining AWS’ Partner Network (APN) as an Advanced Technology Partner, Veriff has become part of the global community of Partners leveraging the network to build cloud-based solutions and services for customers across a number of industries.

"Continuing to grow our business by providing a leading, premium digital IDV solution is a key component of Veriff's operations. We are proud to extend our collaboration with AWS as an Advanced Technology Partner as we work to help our customers mitigate the risks of identity fraud on a global scale," said Janer Gorohhov, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Veriff.

By working with AWS the company will be able to expand on its footprint. Becoming part of the APN paves the way for service providers to reach a broader audience and build meaningful connections. Veriff's AI-powered IDV solution will now be offered to millions of companies as the APN grows and expands globally every quarter.


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