Jun 24, 2021

Jonathan Epstein, CEO, Brewco

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Brewco is bringing AI to SEO to bring new dynamics to a previously static field. Its CEO tells us what’s changing in this competitive market

Tell us about Brewco

Brewco was formed by a team of industry veterans that have previously introduced other AI-based marketing platforms. They are the official reseller of Market Brew, an AI platform for precision search engine optimization (SEO), transforming the way companies and their agencies can optimize their pages to rank higher in search results. Organic search results drive 53% of all site visits, so having a competitive advantage in SEO makes a huge difference in a company’s revenues and profitability.

What is Market Brew?

Market Brew builds highly accurate models of how search engines weigh a wide range of factors to determine rankings for a keyword. Each search has different weights, so no rules-based approach provides these insights.

From an AI standpoint, Market Brew uses particle swarm optimization to evolve the weights of its own search engine until it delivers a search engine results page (SERP) that is highly correlated with Google’s (or Bing etc) Once this model is developed, it scores your website and others that compete for rankings, identifies the statistical gaps you should address, and provides precise recommendations on closing these gaps.

How is SEO changing?

AI is entering the SEO market. There are a variety of solutions that handle different aspects of the SEO process, from addressing how to show up in Google’s Q&A search results, build better schema, and develop backlinks.

Google is releasing its first new algorithm in some time – Core Web Vitals. As a result, searches will now also consider page performance measures such as load times and when users can first interact. Fortunately, Market Brew’s search engine modeling approach will be able to track precisely how much these factors matter. 

What does the future of SEO look like?

Google’s SERPs continue to evolve, and there are now many different ways a site can rank, in addition to the core site rankings. As a result, we assume they will continue to refine the space on the SERP in ways that will keep SEOs on their toes.

Doing SEO for voice, video, and closed environments like Amazon and social media is also a horizon that leading-edge SEOs are beginning to plumb.

Overall, though, the black box AI nature of search engines will make the job of SEOs more difficult unless they have AI on their side as well.

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Jul 28, 2021

AI pioneer ZAC named as a Top 5 Leading Global Company

Cognitive Explainable-AI
Image recognition
Catherine Gray
2 min
Z Advanced Computing (ZAC) has been recognised as one of the Top 5 Leading Global Companies in The Fourth Industrial Revolution by an Oxford Academic paper

The pioneer Cognitive Explainable-Artificial Intelligence (Cognitive XAI) start-up, ZAC, offers a disruptive 3D image recognition and search platform based on Explainable-AI. Its technology, which ZAC claims beats the competition ‘hands down’, has gained recognition from an Oxford Academic paper naming it one of the Top 5 Leading Global Companies in The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

ZAC has made AI and Machine Learning (ML) breakthroughs. Using only a few training samples and an average laptop with low power CPU, ZAC has achieved complex Image Recognition.

This is a sharp contrast to the other algorithms in the industry that require thousands to billions of training samples, trained on large GPU servers.

"ZAC requires much less computing power and much less electrical power to run, which is great for mobile and edge computing, as well as the environment, with less Carbon footprint,” said Dr. Bijan Tadayon, CEO and co-founder of ZAC.

“You cannot do this with the other algorithms, such as Deep Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) or ResNets, even with an extremely large number of training samples, on GPU servers," Tadayon explained.

Removing barriers in image recognition

Founded by three siblings, ZAC’s platform overcomes a major limitation in image recognition of consumer products. 

Previous technology fails to recognise details beyond generic categories or classifications as existing AI technologies only produce a generic level of output.

With its platform ZAC “are removing today’s barriers and limitations in image recognition... We have figured out how to apply Explainable-AI to machine learning for the first time in the industry,” said Tadayon.

AI breakthrough for a variety of applications

ZAC’s revolutionary AI breakthrough in 3D image recognition mimics how humans discover, recognise and learn. It is also able to detect fine details in images from all views and angles.

Its horizontal platform features tools and APIs to enable a wide variety of applications. This means that multiple industries can take advantage of the platform’s efficient, detailed and accurate recognition and search.

The platform can be used in a variety of applications, some of which include:

  • Medical imaging and diagnosis
  • E-commerce and retail
  • Satellite and aerial image analysis
  • Facial recognition
  • Imagery detection and analysis

By providing a cognitive-based image recognition that is fully scalable and faster than current technology, it is clear to see why ZAC has been named one of the Top 5 Leading Global Companies in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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