Jun 25, 2021

Subzero Engineering: Sustainable solutions for data centres

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Consultancy and customised containment - which complement the data centres they work with - is the global calling card of Subzero Engineering

Subzero Engineering recognises data centres are dynamic environments, so they have created customised containment solutions which make energy-efficient savings for their customers.

Subzero Engineering is the industry leader in bespoke containment solutions using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to show measurable results for their customers which includes the following savings; $300 million in energy costs, 1.5 billion gallons of water, and three million tonnes in the reduction of carbon dioxide since 2015.

“We believe that a data-driven approach is essential to drive data centre performance and efficiency,” commented Andy Connor, Director EMEA Channel, who points out they offer CFD checks for free. 

“We help our customers do this with our customised, streamline, and energy efficient containment solutions which result in a lower total cost of ownership and reduced carbon emissions.”

Subzero Engineering has manufacturing facilities in Salt Lake City, US, where they were founded in 2005 (starting out as a data centre airflow consulting company), and in Dublin, Ireland.

“We have a large team of leading industry experts that help us operate globally, and at speed, and we work with customers ranging from the hyperscalers and colocation communities through to well-known brands and sports, retail, HPC, and AI,” said Connor.

Partnership with atNorth

Subzero Engineering has been working with atNorth, a high performance sustainable data centre in Iceland, for the past three years.

“When atNorth began the process of building their data centre halls they got in touch with us to provide the hot and cold aisle containment systems. Their facility is unique in its structure, so we moved from simply providing containment solutions to working with them consultatively to create a standardised ultra-efficient and performance focused system and something that could be repeated across multiple sites as their business grew.”

Climate neutral data centre pact

One of the drivers which is currently influencing data centre design is the fact hyperscalers and members of the colocation community have signed up to the climate neutral data centre pact. 

“New data centres are being designed for sustainable operations, but it needs to be more flexible to accommodate the needs of GPUs chip and processing power, so there's a real challenge to find that balance,” said Connor. “However, I think the real challenge in the market is the legacy facilities. These really need to be updated and modernised to become more efficient in order to reduce their OPEX, energy consumption, and CO2.”

Balance performance and efficiency

Connor says Subzero Engineering helps operators balance performance and efficiency. “We started life back in 2005 as a CFD consultancy when data centres were using raised floors and experiencing issues with leakages. Our software solution showed customers how they could analyse the infrastructure and improve efficiency.

“Fast forward 16 years and that approach has stayed with us. We're an engineering-led solutions provider who helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint and operating costs - but it all starts with the data we produce from our CFD reports,” he said.

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Jul 27, 2021

AI company ActiveFence secures $100m funding

online security
Catherine Gray
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ActiveFence, developers of an intelligence-led, AI-powered solution to combat online safety have announced they have raised $100 million in funding

Start-up, ActiveFence provides Trust and Safety, as well as online security professionals world-class intelligence, data and technologies to cultivate a better and safer online world.

ActiveFence identifies and tracks malicious activities online, at scale. By scanning hidden sources of chatter and across the web, ActiveFence safeguard against bad actors, the content they share and the networks they operate.

Its solution protects billions of people worldwide from violent extremism, disinformation, child sexual abuse, fraud and other harms on the internet.

“We take a fundamentally different approach to trust, safety and content moderation. We are proactively searching the darkest corners of the web and looking for bad actors in order to understand the sources of malicious content,” said Noam Schwartz, co-founder and CEO of ActiveFence

“Our customers then know what’s coming. They don’t need to wait for the damage, or for internal research teams to identify the next scam or disinformation campaign. We work with some of the most important companies in the world, but even tiny, super niche platforms have risks,” he continued.

The company has now announced significant funding on the back of a surge of large organisations using its services.

Funding for AI-powered online safety solutions

Co-headquartered in New York and Tel Aviv, ActiveFence have raised $100 million in funding. With this, the company will be able to continue the development of its tool and expand its customer base.

Although it yet to disclose any names, companies within ActiveFence’s customer base are:

  • Technology platforms - social media, file sharing, video and audio streaming, and more.
  • Government agencies and non-governmental organisations - national security, law enforcement, think tanks, and more.
  • Brands - Fortune 50 brands across industries.

With its platform, ActiveFence claims it has protected billions of users, has 3.4m malicious data sources and provides 24/7 real-time data and alerts.

ActiveFence’s ‘unprecedented success’ leads to increased valuation

The $100 million in funding that has been announced covers two rounds: Series B led by CRV and Highland Europe and Series A.

Although never formally announced, Series A was led by Grove Ventures and Norwest Venture Partners.

“We are very honoured to be ActiveFence partners from the very earliest days of the company, and to be part of this important journey to make the internet a safer place and see their unprecedented success with the world’s leading internet platforms,” said Lotan Levkowitz, general partner at Grove Ventures.

It is now believed the valuation of the company is over $500 million.

Combating malicious content with AI

In a time with increased social media presence, there has been a surge in awareness around online safety and how bad actors use social media to spread malicious content. 

ActiveFence’s solution is a set of algorithms that tap into innovations in AI and map relationships between conversations. 

The algorithms look into both obvious and harder-to-reach parts of the internet to pick up on chatter that is typically where a lot of the malicious content and campaigns are born, before they become higher-profile issues.  

Built on the concept of big data analytics, the platform proactively detects malicious activities online while empowering online security professionals to keep people safe from harm.

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