Stravito & KnowledgeHound partner to improve data insights

Today, Stravito and KnowledgeHound have announced a strategic partnership to deliver a data management experience for improved data insights

Stravito, the company offering the world’s largest organisations an enterprise insights platform democratizing access to market research, has announced a new partnership with KnowledgeHound.

KnowledgeHound is a leading search-based survey analysis platform and with Stravito the company will deliver a fully centralised insights management experience. 

“Stravito’s vision is to keep knowledge alive and in use, and our partnership with KnowledgeHound moves us closer to achieving this. Integrating its search API into the Stravito platform ensures users extract the most value out of their survey data to identify meaningful insights, unlock opportunity and truly move business forward,” commented Thor Olof Philogéne, Founder and CEO of Stravito.

According to the CEO, the integration of KnowledgeHound’s survey analysis into the Stravito platform increases the value of both solutions. On top of this, the partnership is set to deliver on Stravito’s mission to simplify knowledge discovery, ensuring it remains alive and in use.

The partnership will also allow users to review customer survey data alongside unstructured data so they are always conducting analysis with the full context. Ultimately, Stravito users with a KnowledgeHound subscription will be able to access all their research in one place to quickly evaluate survey data.

Combining KnowledgeHound’s and Stravito’s capabilities

This is not the first time KnowledgeHound has partnered with external companies to boost its platform. 

The company’s search-based analytics platform has partnered with survey providers Qualtrics, Momentive, AYTM, Toluna and 1Q. KnowledgeHound also internally manages the cleaning, onboarding and standardisation of new survey data agnostic of research suppliers.

“Separately, Stravito and KnowledgeHound offer powerful data mining that help businesses grow and succeed. When combined in a single interface, they form a one-stop insights shop allowing teams to truly search, analyze and integrate insights into business strategy so they can accurately respond to market challenges, conduct long-term planning, and make informed decisions. We’re excited to create a collaborative ecosystem that fosters innovation while further moving organizations towards a single source of truth,” said Laura Baker, CEO of KnowledgeHound.

Now, data files found in KnowledgeHound are searchable through Stravito and can be further analysed directly inside the application. This means brands retain the same level of access whether they use Stravito or choose to log in directly to KnowledgeHound’s platform. 

Additionally, operators can set custom access controls for individual users to protect sensitive data.


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