SmarTek21: pioneers and leaders in conversational AI

AI Magazine takes a look at SmarTek21, industry leaders in digital engineering services, application modernisation and AI solutions for enterprises

SmarTek21 is an industry-leading provider of cloud-hosted enterprise-class products and services for developing, deploying and managing smart intellibots.

Its portfolio of chatbot design, development, and deployment services for enterprises, or Smart Services, features artificial intelligence (AI) and cognitive services, cloud modernisation, data management and development services.

The company also offer SmartBotHub, an omnichannel and highly agile platform for interfacing into enterprise applications and services to create compelling intellibot experiences. 

With over 11 years of sophisticated UI and UE design and deployment experience, the company has millions of end-users with Fortune 500 companies. 

Recently, SmarTek21 has been named in the first-ever 2022 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Conversational AI platforms.

Commenting on this, Brad Rickman, CEO of SmarTek21 said: "The Gartner Magic Quadrant report comes at a time when enterprises are adopting automation through AI technologies at a rapid pace influenced by the pandemic and need to create always on, always available, conversational driven business flows for customers and employees."

"We have found that one of the drivers to successful automation via conversational AI is the ability to create custom natural language processing (NLP) domains for individual customer and industry needs. Our platform which includes SmartBotHub conversational AI platform enables custom NLP to be generated and used for more authentic and business-driven use cases," he added.

SmarTek21: utilising AI to drive forward business transformation

IntelliTek is the company’s AI-powered platform transforming customer interactions into actionable data. To do this, SmarTek21 integrates with its customers existing business-critical applications.

The data mesh platform maximises its customers’ current investments with the aim to enable faster innovation.

IntelliTek layers its market-leading natural language conversation platform on top of its data integration platform to accelerate actionable engagement with data, regardless of the source.

To further support its customers with this platform, it can be made more relevant when SmarTek21 apply industry-specific, modular work-streams on top. This makes interacting with the data specific to its customers’ business needs.

SmarTek21 have a robust data and system integration technology that is built into to enable the end-to-end conversational AI use case flows that enterprises desire.

Creating SmarTek21 to help businesses respond to the data-driven world

Al Lalji, the company’s chairman and founder has over 22 years of experience in technology management and consulting with Fortune 500 and entrepreneurial firms.

When he founded SmarTek back in 2006, Lalji understood the world was becoming increasingly data-driven and to thrive in such an environment, organisations of all sizes must transform, to become the types of enterprises that employ data as a strategic asset. 

He wanted to create a company that empowers businesses to use data as a driver in business strategy and make it the foundation of a dramatically improved ability to engage with their workforce and customers.


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