New Cognizant Platform Showcases Commitment to Ethical AI

Cognizant Launches New Gen AI Platform, Cognizant Flowsource, to Enhance Enterprise AI Adoption to Power Better Tracking and Transparency for Businesses

During the generative AI (Gen AI) revolution, businesses are racing to innovate in order to stay ahead in the race.

With this in mind, IT company Cognizant announces its Gen AI-enabled platform, Cognizant Flowsource, designed to power modern engineering. The platform aims to provide an integrated way to track every stage of a software delivery lifecycle, aiming to fuel the next generation of enterprise software engineering.

During a time of immense demand for AI, Cognizant Flowsource is designed to incorporate digital assets and tools to help cross-functional engineering teams deliver high quality code faster and with increased control and transparency.

Achieving greater business impact

As businesses work to advance their technology developments, the digital economy continues to evolve and expand. Customers continue to demand emerging technologies such as AI, leading businesses to evolve to suit these needs. 

However, not all organisations can enact these changes straight away due to the complexities of the technology, a lack of modern systems or processes and higher costs. Employees that do not have the relevant skills or AI understanding could also be a contributing factor.

Cognizant Flowsource aims to provide a more unified engineering platform that connects the work of all software delivery stakeholders and the development community. Gen AI-enabled tooling and process orchestration is woven throughout the developer experience, allowing team members to work faster and with greater focus. 

Teams will be able to self-service their systems with templates to provision code and environments. In addition, they can automate testing and documentation, leverage enterprise knowledge bases to drive code and component reuse, as well as speed up coding processes with trained copilots.

The offering is designed to give designers, engineers and product owners everything they need to build future-proof technology at speed with a heavy focus placed on business impact.

“In the gen AI era, the pursuit of innovation is creating a hotbed of opportunity for organisations to work faster – but working faster must be sustainable - ‘more speed’ shouldn’t mean ‘more problems,’” says Prasad Sankaran, EVP of Cognizant's Software and Platform Engineering. 

“Cognizant Flowsource addresses this growing need and helps organisations improve throughput, quality and consistency across development. The result is better time to market for new and innovative products and services, as well as improvements in scale that can enable these enterprises to stay ahead of competition.”

Developing AI at speed, whilst ensuring safety

Cognizant Flowsource aims to offer businesses and engineering stakeholders more transparency into the organisation’s software engineering ecosystem. As a result, enterprise issues can be solved faster and impact can be better understood - leading to more tailored strategies.

Whilst developing AI, Cognizant has been continually dedicated to maintaining high standards for responsible and ethical AI, focusing on security and transparency.

Creating safe AI ultimately leads to better business transformation. Cognizant has continually offered AI programmes designed to accelerate Gen AI adoption in a responsible way, whilst helping its clients better understand and customise AI in a way that can achieve the best possible business outcomes.

The platform joins other Cognizant offerings, including Cognizant Neuro IT Operations and Cognizant Skygrade, that are designed to help enterprises manage complex business IT environments and work towards a modern cloud-native architecture.


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