Are IT leaders investing in unstructured data analytics?

Komprise’s research found that IT leaders are focused on unstructured data management as a way to not only cut costs, but to protect sensitive data

Komprise, a leader in analytics-driven unstructured data management and mobility recently found that more than 50% of organisations are managing 5PB or more of data, compared with less than 40% in 2021.

The Komprise 2022 Unstructured Data Management Report examined unstructured data management challenges and opportunities in enterprise IT organisations. Participants reported on topics from how much data they are managing to cloud data priorities and future approaches to unstructured data management. 

According to the company, a key takeaway from the report is the shift from driving storage efficiencies to delivering data services in the cloud including the ability to leverage file and object data in cloud analytics tools for new value and competitive gain.

Making the most out of data

It was found that nearly 68% of organisations are spending more than 30% of their IT budget on data storage, backups and disaster recovery. This is then meaning IT leaders are feeling pressure to manage data more granularly and cost-effectively. The survey showed that cloud file storage, followed closely by cloud object storage, are top areas of investment. 

The largest obstacle to unstructured data management (42%) is moving data without disrupting users and applications. Despite this, 65% of organisations plan to or are already investing in delivering unstructured data to their new analytics / big data platforms.

“After cutting costs, IT leaders are motivated to improve self-service for end users and departments by moving more data to the cloud. In unstructured data management, self-service typically refers to the ability for authorised users outside of data storage disciplines to easily search, tag, enrich and move data to new tools and services through automation. This delivers faster time to value for users looking to leverage vast unstructured data stores for new insights and revenue-generating activities, by using cloud data lakes and analytics platforms,” said Krishna Subramanian, Co-founder, COO and President of Komprise.


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