Observe.AI and Zoom join forces to boost contact centres' CX

Observe.AI and Zoom say they will help contact centres produce stellar customer experiences at speed and scale through the power of AI and automation

Conversational AI platform Observe.AI has announced it has joined forces with Zoom Video Communications to usher in the next era of AI-powered growth for omnichannel contact centres and boost agent performance to improve CX, revenue, and retention.

As contact centres are increasingly tasked with higher-value, complex customer interactions that directly influence loyalty and retention, they face mounting pressure to upskill agents to deliver better customer experiences, adopt winning sales talk tracks, and develop soft skills like empathy and active listening.

Observe.AI and Zoom say they will help contact centres produce stellar customer experiences at speed and scale by enriching agent performance and coaching with conversation intelligence and workflow automation.

AI-powered insights help contact centres improve CX, sales and efficiency

“As one of the first conversation intelligence partners for Zoom Contact Center, Observe.AI is introducing new AI-powered insights and workflows that help contact centres improve CX, sales, and operational efficiency,” said Swapnil Jain, CEO and Co-Founder of Observe.AI. “Together, we will elevate contact centres running on Zoom to new heights of performance and productivity.”

Earlier this year, Observe.AI raised US$125mn in the largest-ever Series C for contact centre AI, in which Zoom participated as a strategic investor. The two companies have been working together, at technological and commercial levels, to empower modern contact centre agents to deliver new standards of customer experiences.

“Zoom Contact Center is built for flexibility and efficiency, empowering users with the right tools to address complex enquiries and deliver deeper engagement,” said Kentis Gopalla, Head of Ecosystem for Zoom Phone and Contact Center. “When combined with Observe.AI, managers can derive insights from conversations, evaluate agent performance, and deliver contextual feedback.”

Observe.AI’s platform uses the industry’s highest-accuracy AI engine to analyse 100% of customer interactions across channels, processing approximately one billion minutes annually. These precise insights, Observe.AI says, allow contact centres to pinpoint customer sentiment, CX drivers, and unseen needs while creating personalised coaching programs that target the specific skill, behavioural, and knowledge-related gaps of each agent, accelerating business outcomes such as CX and retention, sales, operational efficiency, and compliance.

Research by Observe.AI has shown that contact centres leveraging conversation intelligence are 10X more likely to feel their business is prepared for the future, citing that higher agent-customer interaction visibility results in more robust coaching programs, top-performing agents, and greater confidence.

In its State of Contact Center Conversation Intelligence 2022 report, the company found that despite having adopted AI and automation, 67% of contact centres are still relying on manual processes for critical workflows like agent coaching and quality assurance.

The study also found that 48% of contact centres do not feel their business is “very prepared” for the future. This concern was primarily attributed to not having the right technology and/or strategy in place to improve business results, despite increased budgets and spending.


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