KPMG and Vectra AI join forces to reduce cyber risk

KPMG Netherlands has added Vectra AI’s cloud-based platform to its Cyber Operations services, aiming to reduce cyber risk for hybrid cloud enterprises

KPMG has partnered with Vectra, a leader in AI-driven cyber threat detection and response for hybrid and multi-cloud enterprises, to bolster its AI-driven behavioural attack intelligence with KPMG’s Cyber Security services.

As cyber-attacks increase and become more sophisticated while, concurrently, the attack surface expands, SOC teams are overwhelmed by a rise in alerts to triage, prioritise and investigate.

Vectra’s AI-driven Attack Signal Intelligence provides continuous and automated monitoring for attacker methods, leveraging pre-set AI models to minimise manual work and create actionable insights. By combining Vectra with Microsoft Sentinel and ServiceNow to identify gaps in security, KPMG accelerates the adoption through proven operating models, helping clients with the integration of these technologies in alignment with the organisation’s People and Processes. By doing so, KPMG helps customers achieve so-called Effective Security Observability.

Improving cyber resilience and protecting against advanced threats

“The first step of this unique approach is to understand the business risks. Guiding principles and a proven security operating model make sure the Vectra platform is well-integrated and delivers the expected outcome. We support our clients to be effective in detecting threats and mitigating risks, including cost reduction to maximise the business value”, explains Henrik Smit, Director for the CyberOps team at KPMG. “In other words, KPMG integrates Vectra into security ecosystems to improve cyber resilience, protect against advanced threats and eliminate noise. In just a matter of days, our clients are able to achieve greater visibility, detection efficacy, and cut incident response times – as proven by KPMG red teaming exercises.”

“As cybercriminals become stealthier and the attack surface widens, the mean time to detect a security incident has grown to 277 days. It's clear that organisations must act to improve visibility. By using AI to detect and investigate known and unknown threats in real time, Vectra empowers organisations to identify attacks at the earliest possible stage and stop them before they become breaches. So, we are delighted to become a part of KMPG’s security ecosystem, helping organisations to close this gap and respond quickly to threats”, says Willem Hendrickx, Chief Revenue Officer at Vectra.

KPMG’s partnership with Vectra is the latest step in creating a proven centre of excellence for security in the Netherlands, whose model can be replicated across other regions for fast scaling and deployment. This demonstrates KPMG’s commitment to create a robust and reliable digital world by being a trusted advisor, integrator, and incident response organisation.


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