Flight Story launch AI Audit to help guide businesses

The industry-first AI Audit from Flight Story aims to help brands ease “AI-FOMO” and will support businesses in achieving maximum reach and efficiency

Flight Story, the marketing and communications company, has announced an industry-first AI Audit to help brands ensure that they are making the most of AI.

Founded by Steven Bartlett and Oliver Yonchev, the company prides itself on seizing opportunity by keeping brands at the forefront of what’s possible with a range of services, including strategy, content, communications and media. They advise some of the world’s most innovative and successful companies and offer services to help companies lean into new innovation and opportunity. 

Fronted by the company’s Chief AI Officer and AI expert, Mo Gawdat, the audit aims to guide new and existing Flight Story clients in their practical application of AI and support their creativity and reach, as well as assisting with their marketing and communication goals.

Companies to benefit from AI functionality

The marketing focus is the first iteration of the service, according to the company, and will be expanded overtime to help companies benefit from AI within business sectors like HR, Operations and Legal.

This is Mo Gawdat’s first project since stepping into the role as Chief AI Officer earlier in 2023. He has 30 years of experience at the forefront of disruptive technology, having previously worked at Google X, IBM and Microsoft to guide company use of AI.

Speaking on the Audit, he said: “Across the Flight Story business we have been working hard to create what will be an industry-first AI audit. We have a simple goal to access, educate and then counsel companies through this very complex realm. 

“When more companies are empowered to make informed and ethical decisions, we all take a step closer towards a prosperous, safer and brighter future. The huge opportunity that AI presents to businesses today, if harnessed properly, is thrilling, and so I look forward to supporting as many organisations through this revolution as possible.”

Arguably an industry-first AI Audit, Flight Story is aiming to guide companies to becoming AI-enabled so that they can capitalise on the everchanging opportunities AI presents and keep them at the forefront of their industries. 

Recognising the importance of responsible AI practice

The service also aims to empower ethical AI that positively impacts humanity and simultaneously ensure a positive impact on humanity at large.

AI Audit recognises that businesses who fail to consider the huge importance of AI to business moving forward risk falling behind. AI has the potential to not only increase efficiency and creativity within a company, but also streamline costs and time.

Flight Story has stated that the service will be bespoke for Flight Story’s clients and take into consideration the type of business and their growth plans and goals, as well as any existing technologies already in use.  

Co-founder Steven Bartlett said: “Ensuring an ethical and responsible implementation of artificial intelligence is up to us as a human collective. This is the primary reason why we are launching an AI Audit at Flight Story. 

“With many businesses experiencing AI-FOMO, struggling to understand where AI might be best placed within their organisation and how to put the tech to good use, we are now offering a new opportunity for companies. 

“We wanted to create a service that would convey expert advice and guidance to the businesses that choose to stay at the forefront of what is possible every single day - the big businesses of tomorrow.”


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