ACE IT programme boosts UK innovators

South Bank University and London College of Communication are supporting upcoming start-ups and SMEs in the immersive technologies space

Are you an SME or start-up based in London and looking for help to get to the next level? ACE IT (Accelerating the Creative Economy Through Immersive Technologies) is a fully-funded initiative that gives support to the next generation innovators - to conceptualise, research and develop innovative products and services.

The organisation has three main aims:

  • Don't get left behind
  • Remove the barriers
  • Get investment ready

ACE IT can help SMEs and start-ups adapt to the "new normal" with simple immersive options for all businesses. They also expand their reach and access the customer in their home, wherever they are; scaling faster and safer with free access to research and development.

You get to work closely with an expert team, developing ground-breaking products while future-proofing your business through immersive technology.


What technologies are supported?


ACE IT removes financial barriers to immersive tech innovation, helping start-ups grow. Through the ACE IT programme, start-ups can access world-class consultancy and technical support in a number of areas:

  • Augmented Reality

  • Mixed Reality

  • Virtual Reality

  • Immersive Sound

  • Volumetric Capture & Scanning

  • Gamification

  • Immersive Storytelling

  • 3D Visualisation

Their support will help up and coming innovators to strategise and fast-track transformation of their immersive tech prototype into a new product, process or service. Start-ups can also access a range of immersive technology to experiment and test new ideas, without losing R&D budgets. For start-ups that already have a working prototype or MVP, ACE IT will help you access user and product testing, giving you the data you need to refine your product and get market-ready.


Support for innovation


ACE IT work across a broad range of immersive areas and enable successful applicants to increase their depth of understanding and ability to implement new ideas, technology and processes.

The project is a partnership between London South Bank University and London College of Communication, UAL. It is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

All applications must be received by 23:59 on Sunday 12 December. They will then be processed by the ACE IT team.


Apply here.


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