Telstra and Quantium announce joint venture for data and AI

Telstra and Quantium will target enterprise customers using a new 'whole of tech stack' to be delivered under a new joint venture between the pair

Telstra, an Australian telecommunications company, and Quantium, a leader in using artificial intelligence (AI) to translate raw data into actionable insights, have announced their intent to form a new joint venture to unlock the full potential of data and AI for Telstra and its customers. 

Under the deal, Quantium will bring its data science and AI capabilities together with Telstra's customer, product, and network data assets to focus on Telstra's enterprise customers in sectors such as mining, agribusiness, and supply chain.

According to Telstra, bringing the two companies together will create a new "whole of tech stack" proposition for its industrial customers, which will be delivered in partnership with Telstra Purple.

Telstra CEO Andrew Penn said the unique partnership would be a key enabler of Telstra’s T25 data and AI ambitions.

“This new JV will not only provide personalised and data-enabled products and offers for Telstra’s customers, it will also embed proactive and predictive AI and machine learning across Telstra’s core business,” said Penn. 

“Focusing on our customers and improving the way we serve them is crucial to the success of our T25 strategy, and this partnership will supercharge that ambition by reshaping how we add value for our enterprise customers and enable improvements in the personalisation of offers and value for members of Telstra’s rewards programme, Telstra Plus.”


Unlocking the full potential of AI

The proposed new joint venture will focus on Telstra’s enterprise customers - in sectors like mining, agribusiness and supply chain, according to Telstra.

It will see the creation of a unique, industry-leading ‘whole of tech stack’ proposition for these industrial customers, helping them automate quicker and make smarter and more accurate decisions right across their value chains, enhancing efficiency, reducing waste and driving down environmental impacts. This new proposition will be delivered in partnership with Telstra Purple, the largest Australian-owned technology services business.

The partnership will also leverage Telstra’s Data Hub to enable enterprise and government customers to securely share and aggregate their data whilst also harnessing Quantium’s big data capabilities. 

Quantium CEO Adam Driussi said: “We are delighted to partner with Australia’s leading telecommunications company to help unlock the potential of data and AI for both Telstra and its customers.

“The three key ingredients in any digital transformation are cutting-edge smart networking and connectivity, superb IT and world-class data science and AI. This partnership brings all these ingredients together to create a unique ‘whole of stack’ solution that promises to transform Telstra and deliver enhanced experiences and incredible value for its customers.”


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