Quadient transforming experience with Azure AI integration

By integrating Microsoft Azure AI into its ICA, Quadient aims to improve its customer experience and help them towards digital business transformation

Quadient has integrated Microsoft Azure AI into its cloud Intelligent Communication Automation (ICA) platform to transform its customer experience.

The new integration means Quadient can offer customers enhanced features such as measuring content readability, similarity and sentiment, generating content summaries and streamlining content creation and communication management.

This is another recent company collaboration by Microsoft Azure, who also joined forces with IBM earlier in the month to drive generative AI adoption. In working to help clients transform businesses, Quadient’s integration will further contribute to transforming the way they engage with organisations.

Integrating Azure generative AI into Quadient’s cloud platform

With the ICA platform, users can also now efficiently analyse, summarise and prioritise data, consolidate and organise documents such as forms or contracts and securely generate customer-facing content.

The first customers to benefit will be those of Quadient Accounts Receivable and Customer Experience Management solutions.

Microsoft Azure AI operates as a portfolio of AI services designed for developers and data scientists backed by a secure environment and responsible AI principles. This integration into Quadient’s cloud platform aims to reaffirm the company’s commitment to innovation by providing such a strategic enhancement to its software solutions. 

Leveraging Microsoft Azure AI, including Azure OpenAI Service, Quadient software solutions will work to empower customers with enhanced features, from measuring content readability, similarity and sentiment, to generating contextual content summaries and streamlining content creation and communication management in a secure environment with privacy controls.

AI as a powerful tool in driving business success - and safety

Quadient has consistently placed true value into AI systems. Karim Ben-Jaafar, Senior VP at Quadient Accounts Payable by Beanworks has previously spoken with AI Magazine about how AI can work to combat digital fraud cases.

“AI will be crucial alongside automation, helping organisations scale their operations while spotting anomalies,” he says.

Through integrating AI and machine learning (ML) into its ICA solutions for several years now, Quadient has been working to empower users to create highly accurate, relevant and personalised communications, leading to improved customer experiences as a result.

Quadient's commitment to data protection will be enforced by Microsoft Azure AI's infrastructure and ensure privacy and confidentiality for customers and partners.

In addition, integrating Microsoft’s generative AI and content intelligence technology further elevates the platform performance, allowing users to efficiently analyse, summarise and prioritise data, run content similarity scenarios to consolidate and organise documents such as forms, policies or contracts, or securely generate customer-facing content in a trusted environment. 

Users of Quadient Accounts Receivable and Customer Experience Management solutions will be the first to benefit from new generative AI capabilities, available in the coming months.

“The integration with Microsoft Azure AI marks a significant milestone in Quadient's strategy, allowing us to experiment, evolve and create interactive experiences that set the stage for the future of customer interactions and communications,” says Chris Hartigan, Chief Solution Officer, Intelligent Communication Automation at Quadient. 

“Extending beyond technology integration, we empower organisations to deliver personalised and contextually relevant messages more efficiently. Building on our deep expertise and proven history of delivering world-class communication and process automation solutions, we aim to continue driving innovation in the market. 

“Combining our cloud-based platform with Microsoft Azure AI's advanced technologies and security will revolutionise how businesses engage with customers.”



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