BLUE PRISM: Launching a new global academia program

By Alex Tuck
The global pioneer and leader in intelligent automation has partnered with over 200 institutions

Blue Prism, the global leader in intelligent automation, is addressing the skill shortages in the tech industry by has announcing a new Academia Program.

With new technologies rapidly emerging, traditional institutions slow to adopt and the socio-economic barriers, it's hardly surprising that 90% of executives said they were experiencing skill gaps in the workforce or expected them within a few years. With robotic process automation (RPA), intelligent automation and other digital skills required to fuel the future of work, Blue Prism aims to tackle the skills gap with it's University’s Academia Program.

Blue Prism’s input doesn’t stop at providing training. It works closely with each academic institution to ensure a continued understanding and involvement of intelligent automation training within the context of their curriculum and . The success of this approach has

Working closely with each academic institution in the context of their curriculum and against an ever-changing job landscape, the program's second year resulted in:

  • 32,000 students trained in Blue Prism technology 
  • 200% year-on-year growth of students trained
  • 135% of institutions on-boarded.

A key partnership has already been established with The Ministry of Education in India, with which Blue Prism hope to train over 500,000 students in intelligent automation technologies by 2025, via a virtual internship program. These students, and others like them from around the world, will gain employment opportunities from the program.

Students can undertake coursework in intelligent automation through a network of colleges and universities, via online certification opportunities, hands-on labs and other Blue Prism learning resources.

The additional support of the Blue Prism Community will aid post-education, professionals and businesses that operate Blue Prism’s AI-enabled enterprise intelligent automation software. The community enables users to share best practices, knowledge and insights around Blue Prism and RPA.

Academic Alliance Manager at Blue Prism, Manjunath Chandrashekar, said: “We’re at the early stage of addressing a massive global skills shift to narrow the gap in RPA and intelligent automation capabilities over the coming years. The partnerships that grow from our University Academia Program will seed the next generation of innovators, disruptors and digital business leaders. It will help meet the growing demand for intelligent automation skills and equip future business and IT leaders to capture the benefits of these innovative technologies - for their employees, customers and communities.”

About the company:

Blue Prism is a global leader in enterprise robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent automation, transforming the way work is done. We have over 2,000 customers in over 170 countries and 70 industry verticals, 30% in the Forbes Global 2,000, creating value with new ways of working by unlocking efficiencies and returning millions of hours of work back into their businesses. Our enterprise digital robots offer high-scale automation that is secure, smart, accessible to all, enabling centrally managed human and digital workforces of the future and freeing up humans to re-imagine work. To learn more visit and follow us on Twitter @blue_prism and on LinkedIn.


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