AI Strategy Articles


Neural networks learn more when they are given time to sleep

Artificial neural networks learn more when they spend time “sleeping”, claim researchers, which may allow AI networks to to learn like humans and animals

Successful adoption of AI relies on a foundation of trust

Despite its huge potential, the successful adoption of AI is being stilted by a lack of trust. Transparency and accountability are needed

Is your AI training data contaminating your model?

Deploying and utilising AI data is an involved process and there are several common mistakes companies make-. Here's five things to watch out for


Infosys BPM and IBM launch AI and automation centre

The centre will showcase AI and automation solutions for businesses, with the aim to lower costs, enhance productivity, and elevate customer experience


ICYMI: Winter is coming and don’t panic about robots

A week is a long time in artificial intelligence, so here’s a round-up of the AI Magazine articles that have been starting conversations around the world


Scaling up AI key to reaching global emissions goals

Greater collaboration is going to be needed to help scale up climate tech such as AI which will be crucial in reducing greenhouse gas emissions globally


Organisations must address data literacy for AI adoption

A key component of any organisation looking to scale responsible and trusted AI, organisations must urgently address a lack of data literacy in the UK


AI environmental programme helping promote sustainability

Microsoft’s AI for Environmental Sustainability Accelerator programme is helping give start-ups the potential to accelerate their sustainability journeys