AI Strategy Articles


Microsoft to Open New Hub to Advance State-of-the-Art AI

Technology giant reveals plans to open a dedicated AI Hub in London, aimed at driving pioneering work to advance state-of-the-art AI models

Tech Layoffs Rise yet Businesses Seek to Plug AI Skills Gaps

With job cuts continuing across the job sector, AI Magazine considers if companies are looking to upskill their workforces on account of rising AI


AI Consortium: Leading Tech Companies to Improve Upskilling

IBM, Google, Intel, Microsoft, SAP and others form an AI workforce consortium to assess AI impact on tech jobs and identify skills development pathways


UK & US Reach Landmark Agreement to Advance Responsible AI

Both countries have signed a deal to collaborate on testing advanced artificial intelligence (AI) tools, as part of a pledge to champion safe AI systems

EU AI Act: How can Businesses Ensure Compliance?

With insights from BCG & Responsible AI Institute, we consider how business leaders can use the EU AI Act to their advantage and promote responsible AI


Accenture Commits to Expanding its AI Vision with Adobe

Focusing its AI strategy on company transformation, Accenture partners with Adobe to develop industry-specific solutions using Gen AI to empower businesses


TacticAI: Google DeepMind Pioneer a Sports-Led AI Assistant

Google DeepMind’s TacticAI has been launched as part of a research collaboration with Liverpool FC to transform the sporting experience with AI


Businesses Must Act Now to fill AI Skills Gap, says Hexaware

With AI accelerating, Hexaware has called for organisations to act urgently to fill talent gaps and avoid wasting technology investments and costly errors