AI Strategy Articles


ServiceNow: making the world work better with AI and tech

Following ServiceNow’s Knowledge 2022 event, AI Magazine reflects on the two days and shares key messages from the company’s executives and its partners

How Certn uses AI to conduct real-time background checks

We take a look at how Certn uses AI to help create a ‘quick and accurate’ experience for employers and candidates when it comes to background checks


Innovating AI solutions with’s Prashant Natarajan’s Vice President of Strategy and Products, Prashant Natarajan on the company, his passion for AI and the books he co-authored for the industry

How AI can help navigate a changing job market

Eleanor Weaver, CEO, Luminance discusses the Great Resignation and how companies can utilise AI to navigate this changing job market


Lee Tiedrich on the importance of regulations for AI policy

Ethical Technology Professor at Duke University, Lee Tiedrich discusses AI policy, how to make it effective and the importance of regulation


Kamila Hankiewicz: creating a space for women in AI

Kamila Hankiewicz, CEO of Untrite and Co-Founder of Oishya, on breaking gender barriers in AI and asserting herself in male-dominated industries

The role of ML in responding to humanitarian crises

Spencer Lamb, Vice President of Kao Data discusses how machine learning and artificial intelligence can respond to humanitarian crises


How Anduril is transforming defence manufacturing with AI

AI Magazine takes a look at Anduril Industries, the defence and space manufacturing company reshaping the future with the application of AI technology