AI Singapore launch AUS$700k competition to detect deepfakes

A AUS$700,000 international competition organised by AI Singapore aims to identify deepfakes in audiovisual media from genuine content

AI Singapore, a national artificial intelligence (AI) programme under the National Research Foundation, has organised a competition aimed at attracting the AI community to design solutions that will help detect fake media.

The initiative, "Trusted Media Challenge", is a five-month-long competition where participants will design and test out AI models and solutions that will easily detect audiovisual fake media - where both video and audio modalities may be modified. 

The challenge is being conducted in partnership with local news media outlets The Straits Times and Mediacorp's CNA, which have together provided about 800 real video clips, including news reports and interviews. Participants will be given access to data sets that include about 4,000 real clips and 8,000 fake ones in total for them to test and train their AI models on.

They will then need to build AI models that can estimate the probability that a given video is fake. This challenge is open to researchers and industry professionals from all around the world, as well as anyone who is interested or experienced in machine learning, deep learning, and computer vision, especially in media forensics. 


Stopping public misinformation


“With deepfake technology becoming more sophisticated and available, it has become easier to create fake content that is difficult for the human eye to differentiate. Maliciously doctored content can lead to public misinformation and social fissures if left unchecked. CNA is excited to partner in the Trusted Media CHallenge, collaborating in continued efforts to combat this impending threat, in our missions to provide timely and accurate news to Singapore and the region,” said Willy Tan, the lead of AI strategy and solutions at Mediacorp's News Group.

From today until 15 December 2021, participating teams can submit their solutions – codes and models – via the Challenge Platform provided by AI Singapore. This platform will automatically rank the submissions on the leaderboard.

The winner will receive AUS$100,000 in prize money and a start-up grant of $300,000 to develop the solutions further, using Singapore as a development base. Those who come in second and third will also win prizes and start-up grants.The total prize money amounts to $700,000 (about US$500,000).

The top three winners will be announced in January 2022.



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