VVDN Technologies joins NVIDIA Partner Network

VVDN Technologies has announced it has joined the NVIDIA Partner Network as a provider of artificial intelligence (AI) enabled computer vision solutions

Designed to help partners expand the usage of NVIDIA-based solutions, platforms and technologies, the NVIDIA Partner Network (NPN) provides end customers with a world-class solution and support experience.

VVDN will be able to leverage the powerful GPU-accelerated edge computing capabilities of the NVIDIA Jetson lineup to develop and manufacture next-generation innovative AI/Machine Learning (ML) based camera and vision solutions for its customers. The line-up includes Jetson AGX Series, Jetson TX2 series, Jetson Xavier NX and Jetson Nano.

Arun Kumar, Senior Director at VVDN Technologies said: "VVDN's Vision Business Unit has invested heavily on AI/ML and computer vision algorithms targeting industries including security, smart cities, retail, automotive, medical as well as industrial. Joining the NPN as an NVIDIA Jetson ecosystem partner further helps our efforts as we get access to all the SDKs as well as exposure to new platform introductions. This will help us cater to our customers' need for more complex AI-enabled applications across the globe."

Supporting cloud-native technologies

NVIDIA Jetson is the leading AI-at-the-edge computing platform. It has over half a million developers and a strong partner ecosystem.

Manufacturers of intelligent machines and AI developers can build and deploy high-quality, software-defined features on embedded and edge devices with the full Jetson line-up. This is because the platforms offer pre-trained AI models, developer SDKs and support for cloud-native technologies.

The support for cloud-native technologies is key as it helps manufacturers and developers implement frequent improvement, improve accuracy and use the latest features with Jetson-based edge AI devices.

VVDN provide a host of enhanced services

By joining the NPN VVDN are positioned to provide a host of enhanced services including product engineering and AI/ML algorithm development. On top of this, it will provide manufacturing services to customers with accelerated time to market.

The AI-based vision solution VDDN offers includes carrier boards, edge gateways and edge AI cameras which are production-ready solutions available for customers. The solution is powered by the NVIDIA Jetson platform.


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