US Department of State expands AI-driven threat assessments

By Laura Berrill
Department of State Expands use of AI-driven global threat and risk assessments through four-year Geospark Analytics contract

Geospark Analytics, which uses applied Artificial Intelligence solutions for risk and threat assessment, has today been awarded a new four-year contract from the US Department of State to manage global risk and threat assessments.

Expanded use of its Hyperion platform

Over the last year, the Department of State's Bureau of Diplomatic Security has been evaluating Virginia-based Geospark Analytics' AI-driven risk platform Hyperion to understand emerging threat and risk levels around the globe. Based on successful uses of the platform over the past year, the Department has decided to award Geospark Analytics with a multi-year contract for the expanded use of the Hyperion platform. This is in addition to its  artificial intelligence data services, which will bring the technology to additional Diplomatic Security missions.

John Goolgasian, Geospark President, said of the award: "We are thrilled to continue to support the Department of State's Diplomatic Security mission and expand the use of our unique artificial intelligence algorithms and our Hyperion platform. This expanded agreement will bring the Department the most cutting-edge AI-driven technology to ensure the safety and security of their people, operations and missions across the world."

Collaboration with other global risk consultancy

In August, global risk consultancy, Control Risk, took a 10% stake in the AI firm. The partnership served to accelerate the integration of the two companies’ technologies and methodologies, bringing both human and AI collaborative intelligence to global risk and threat analysis.

Control Risks’ CEO, Nick Allan, said at the time of the partnership: “Together, we instinctively understand the power of human verification of emerging indicators, warnings, and stability forecasts that are amplified and enhanced by expert risk consultants with context and advice. Simply put, by investing in Geospark Analytics, we are ready to revolutionize risk monitoring and forecasting and safeguard our clients’ future.”

Geospark Analytics was founded in 2017 under the principle "information as it breaks is too late” to help its clients make better decisions faster by identifying and forecasting emerging events on a global scale to mitigate risk, recognise threats and provide risk intelligence forecasts.

Hyperion, the organisation’s AI-driven platform, gathers and analyses risk and threat information using news, social media, economic indicators, governance indicators, travel warnings, weather and other data from over 6.8 million sources, it claims.



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