Thankful’s AI customer service software solution

AI Magazine takes a look at Thankful, the AI customer service software solution that uses a breakthrough fusion of deep learning and expert systems

Founded in 2018, Thankful works like a human agent as the company’s AI routes, assists, translates and fully resolves large volumes

of customer queries across all written channels. Its solution offers customers the freedom to choose how they want to engage.

Thankful, which is headquartered in Venice, California, looks to give every customer access to great service by giving every brand the technology to deliver it.

Made up of three products, the Thankful platform can be implemented individually or in conjunction with one another. The three products, AI Agent, Agent Assist and Insight enhance customer service processes through Thankful’s four key elements:

  • Understanding
  • Resolution
  • Personalisation
  • Intelligence.

The Thankful platform supporting customer service

The AI Agent is able to take action and fully resolve a significant percentage of customer queries without human support. It is able to handle the most complex policies, processes and procedures directly within a customers helpdesk.

Agent Assist delivers AI intuition for human support staff and in doing so saves them time and effort by collating all the relevant information. It has the ability to suggest responses and next actions.

This element of Thankful’s platform empowers customers to provide quicker and more accurate high-quality service resolutions. 

The final element of Thankful’s platform, Insight, participates as a member of the team. With is real-time stats available alongside the support team, Insight offers a unified view of all support metrics.

With this data tool, Thankful helps customers unlock trends, operational issues and fraud alerts. 

Incorporated into the platform is the company’s best-in-class natural language processing technology. With this, Thankful is able to fully understand what customers what and delivers personalised services at scale.

It is able to detect sentiment while never forgetting a customer history with a brand. With this feature, Thankful can create individual service experiences resulting in a strengthened brand-customer relationship.

Thankful: partnering with Dixa to expand into Europe

Recently, it has been announced Thankful has embarked on a partnership with Dixa to expand into the European Market.

Dixa, a Netherlands based customer service platform anticipates customers’ needs and empowers brands to meet them.

By leveraging Thankful’s AI Agent within Dixa, customers will now be able to autoscale for hypergrowth, seasonal rushes and daily fluctuations.


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