Profile: Who are the Marketing AI Institute?

Find out how the Marketing AI Institute helps marketers build a competitive advantage with AI

The Marketing AI Institute devote a team of industry-leading experts to the potential opportunities and practical considerations presented by AI in marketing. Their expertise is shared helps marketers understand, pilot and scale AI.


What do they do?

Since 2016, the Marketing AI Institute have published more than 600 articles to help marketers understand, pilot and scale AI. They track and analyse hundreds of AI-powered vendors with $15+ billion in combined funding. They partner with top AI-first companies and their research is at the cutting-edge of AI adoption and implementation.


Who do they partner with?

From conversational marketing and sales platforms, natural language generation platforms, cloud-based and inbound marketing software such an the industry-leading HubSpot and AI assistants, the list is ever-growing and adding to the communal effort to boost AI marketing practices.


What kind of resources do they have?

The institute is renowned for it's industry insights and thought leadership and they possess a goldmine of learning resources, from beginners to more seasoned marketers


Any recent insights from them?

The 2021 State of Marketing AI Report, using Marketing AI Institute's AI Score for MarketersTM assessment, gave participants the opportunity to answer 13 survey questions and rate the value of 49 sample marketing AI use cases - with over 600 people taking part overall.

The report can be downloaded for free here.


Do they run any events?

They do indeed. While their annual event in 2021 was held virtually for obvious reasons, the Marketing Artificial Intelligence Conference (MAICON) is returning as a live event from August 3-5 next year from Cleveland, Ohio. It's a great chance to hear talks about AI investments, data privacy, decision augmentation and AI ethics, plus much more.

Check out the video below for more information:





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